25 May 2009

Party Hard

Okay, I don't really party hard...or party at all for that matter. Whatever. This is about a car. A really cool car that I want that isn't coming to the states for another year. A car that Kristina has and I don't. I love you, Kristina, but I want your car. Totally unfair. Anyway, I want a Ford Fiesta. It's freaking awesome. I want one and I want a blue one. I really needed to say that, so now I'm gonna go eat some rice or hang out with my friends.

24 May 2009

My Junk is You

Hey guys! Miss me? right.......

anyway. life's been great. However, I am finding myself becoming more and more jealous of Alex and Kristina. But that is because both of them are really cool and the fact that they have each other is a little depressing. Oh no, it looks like this is going to be another blog about guys. Okay, not really. I am jealous of Kristina and Alex because they were at LeakyCon and I wasn't. It sucks to have to go to school when other really cool things are happening. Speaking of school, I'm almost a senior! Woot! That's not really important but whatever. I just got a Twitter. Why, you ask. Because it seemed like fun and i only follow 7 people, which includes Kristina, John, Hank, Lily, Cassadee, Sierra, and Eric. If you count the bands that I follow, then make that number 19. Also, for the past week, every time I log onto myspace, I have on average 5 friend request from bands. Christofer, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. sorry about the yelling. I think the only good news I have for this post is that my dance recital is next weekend and I am very excited about that. But if you are attending and want to hang out after, go to the 2 o'clock show, not the 10 o'clock show. Seriously, that would just be stupid. Also, if you want seats, get there early.

Because I can't write a decent blog, I have to talk about boys. I can't felp myself. First, Jacob needs to stop being a manwhore. Second, Shane needs to make up his mind about me or the pot. If he chooses the pot, he's a dumbass. I'm just saying. Third, okay, there is no third, I just felt like there needed to be a third.

Well, it's midnight and I need sleep for the hardcore studying that's going down tomorrow. So I will try to update this on a regular basis once summer starts.


09 May 2009

గ్రీటింగ్స్ ఫ్రొం మై పోస్ట్-ఇట్ మేమో సుబే

Funny thing happened just now. My computer just automatically set the type on my blog to Telugu. First of all, where is that script/language used? Second, it looks cool. Kudos to whoever uses it and can read it. So my week has been eventful/uneventful. How can something be two things at once? I don't question it, I just go with the flow. IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you have not yet, you need to check out the bands Passion Pit, The Cataracs, and Alserene. Tell them Jodi turned you in their directions. They are pretty freaking awesome.
Speaking of awesome, I am going to miss a weekend of awesome next weekend because I will not be able to be in Boston for LeakyCon and I'm very depressed about it. If you are in the Boston area next weekend, check it out and if you see Alex and Kristina, tell them hey for me because I will miss them. Stupid AP testing. Anyway, if you don't know who alex and Kristina are, check them out on YouTube. Alex is Nerimon and Kristina is Italktosnakes. I love them. They are adorable.
Speaking of adorable, a bunch of my friends have been hooking up. Brett and Megan got together, Melissa and Donovan started going out, and Chelsea and Jonathan finally said they were going out. Yay! Go couples! Not really, I am secretly jealous of all of them because I have been single for the past 16 years. Life sucks.
But, I think there is something brewing between me and James. He's been extra nice and extra huggy lately. Either he likes me or he did something illegal and he's sucking up so I won't kill him. But, it's all good. Haha! My friend Hayley was like, "Let me hook you up with one of my scene friends." That was funny. I love my friends.
A friend I don't love is Jonathan (not Chelsea's Jonathan). Hadley and Jonathan are inseparable. It's getting old. She doesn't go ANYWHERE without him. I kind of understand because he's her first boyfriend, but seriously, if someone asks you to go somewhere and you really want to go, don't decline because your lame-ass boyfriend won't go with you. I also understand that the guy is a total nerd and he has no life, but when it gets to the point where's he's at your house for extensive periods of time when you aren't there, there is something wrong. And, Hadley, you're not just angering me, you are angering ALL of your friends who want to hang out with you. Just saying.
But I have to go to sleep now because I have to get up tomorrow and clean my room because Chelsea's coming over. Woo! :]

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