27 March 2010

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Good Morning Blog Readers!

I have been up since 8 doing nothing because I lied about going to an AP Review Session.....at least I am out of the house. Since I left, I have listened to screamo in my car, talking to one of the besties, and watched adorable pomeranian puppies on YouTube.

That wasn't important, really, was it? In IMPORTANT news, I have started writing again. YAY! I'm about 3,000 words into my next novel. I really hope i finish it. What I have so far looks pretty good, but of course I will have to send it to my editor (CYDNEY, THAT WOULD BE YOU). I told bestie Alex about it and he was like "You like writing about depressing things." No, I just like writing about troubled people. It's that damsel-in-distress-where-the-hell-is-my-night-in-shining-armor mentality.

Recently, I've been following Maureen Johnson on Twitter (yes I have a twitter, @JodiAlexandria). I really like her writing style and the way she carries herself as a writer. I think I might go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a ton of books to inspire me. I'll keep you posted about the novel and other business about my life.



22 March 2010

Today Was All Full of FAIL

Rule #1: NEVER become friends with your bestfriend's significant other. It just leads to awkward situations.

Rule #2: When you've come to the conclusion that all of your friends are gorgeous, assume that they want to date each other, therefore, leading to more awkward situations, find some really ugly friends.

Rule #3: If you don't follow Rules 1 and 2 and awkward situations insue, run/skate/drive as quickly as possible in the other direction.

Now, if you are like me, it took you til Rule #3 to realize you need new unattractive friends.

19 March 2010

I like strange television. Get over it!

AHHHHHHHHH! real monsters!

Anywho.....how are you guys doing this fine evening (actually, it's morning. evening just sounded better)? Last night, I watched the season finale of the 4th series of SKINS (really awesome british tv show). And all I have to say is: I WANTED TO SEE COOK BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF JOHN FOSTER! CRAPPY ENDING, MY FRIENDS, CRAPPY ENDING! AND YOU SUCK FOR KILLING OFF FREDS!

Okay, now that's out of my system......started watching a new show. Guess what it is! Guess what it is! My Life As Liz, of course. Yeah, I am aware that a lot of people think it is stupid. But, I love it. My best mate, Cyd, said I should watch it because everytime she watches it, she screams "JORDAN!!!!" at the screen, because, apparently, Liz and I are exactly the same. Don't you just love my use of run-on sentences in this thing!?! Yeah, that's how I scored a 1960 on the SAT, bitches!

Got my hair did yesterday. It looks pretty rad.....I also got set up on a blind date by my cousin and her friend. I don't know if I should be happy or apprehensive. I mean, sure, there are guys that I know that I like, but a blind date seems weird. He's an older man, goes to Jacksonville State University, plays WoW, and loves sushi......and his middle name is Alexander (coincidence? I hope so.)

I also did laundry yesterday.....I never really knew how many clothes I had until now. However, most of it consists of blues and blacks, so yay for 2 loads of the same ole shit. I also bought a hoodie because it was warm and plain black. It's pretty rad.

Well, there's not much to say now that I've said all I have to say for today....so................



16 March 2010

Bipolar much?

Hey guys and dolls!

As you may have noticed, I've been on blog hiatus for a good bit....I can't even remember the last time I wrote an entry on here. So, I guess I'll start out with what I've been up to.
Well, I've nearly killed myself with school. I don't give a shit anymore about it. I don't see a point in anything they are trying to teach me. It just doesn't matter anymore. Sure, people say it's just senioritis, but nothing going on in that school that I am being forced by my mother to attend matters to me. I mean, when I look at how I want my life to go, I can't see any of what they are teaching me being applied anywhere in my life.
Second, I've been reevaluating my life, friends, stuff like that, and I've come to the conclusion that as much as I love my friends and I want them to be my friends forever (does that happen? because I really want it to), I feel that sometimes I can't let go of the security blanket. I mean, I love my friends too dearly, sometimes, I don't even think they realize it. I would do absolutely anything for them. But, I feel that my selflessness towards them puts me at a disadvantage.
Third, I've also come to the conclusion that no matter how confident I act (yes, people, it is all a ruse), I will always be my self conscious, overanalyzing self. Yes, I will always think someone is lying to me when they say I'm pretty. Why the hell would I believe someone else when I don't believe it when I look at myself in the mirror? Yes, I will always think people are judging me. I'm not selfcentered, I'm just always judging myself.
Fourth, as many times as I have said that I have given up on relationships, every time I say that, it is a LIE. I will continue to try no matter how many people reject me. It's not like the world ends when someone rejects me, that happens every day. But, I've learned to accept it.

I've started a collab channel on YouTube with my friends Cydney and Alec. We are the Audio Addicts. We rant about music and all that goodness. We kinda have a competition going: who knows more unknown music (yes, i know that's an oxymoron). So far, according to our last tally, Alec is winning. but then again, we haven't done a tally in 4 or 5 videos......so, who knows. Also, I just had an awesome week. I got a new best friend (Alex) and I got one of my old best friends back (Sam). Pretty damn stoked about that. So yeah.......I can't think of anything else to write. Sorry for the depressing spillage of my insight earlier. Won't happen again (that's a bold faced lie)


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