14 November 2009

Once again, Jordan was a jerk. Except this time, she didn't know she was being a jerk. DAMN IT!


Cute Boy + Sweeney Todd + Spongebob Squarepants + awesome pizza + crazy cat = really good day. :D

Jacob Black, you are worth the wait.

Well, half way through making my Dante's Inferno project, I got bored and frustrated...So, I wrote 1ooo words for Nanowrimo. Then, I proceeded to sing the soundtrack to Anastasia. Great soundtrack. Did anyone ever notice how gay the guy singing for Aladdin (in Aladdin, not Anastasia) sounds? I absolutely love Aladdin, but the guy sounds EXTREMELY gay. Anywho....6 DAYS TIL NEW MOON!!!! -happy dance- I'm so excited it's ridonkulous.

Okay, I need to be writing, knitting, doing homework...something besides this because I have so much to do and after 11, none of it will be getting done. I have 1 hour and 30 minutes to take a shower and do some of all of that.....YAY!



13 November 2009

Dante's Inferno Is Quite Amusing

WOOO!!!! I'm a paranoid freak! Okay, I don't want to write a blog explaining that....

I would actually love to take this time and describe my Dante's Inferno proyecto con muchachos.

Well, for my AP/IB English class, I have to build Dante's Inferno, except I get to pick what sin goes with each level of hell and I'm finding it quite amusing. Well, the first level of hell is full of gossipers...their punishment: to bleed eternally from the tongue.

Second level: Liars. Punishment? To eternally swallow sulfuric acid.

Third: Traitors. Punishment? To have someone play darts on their back with oversized darts for eternity.

Fourth: Bigots. To hold an eternal headstand in dung and rotting corpses.

Fifth: Murders. To burn in eternal hellfire.

Sixth: Abusers. To have eternal lashings with spiked whips.

Seventh: Adulters. To have their reproductive organs through an eternal meat processor.

Eighth: People who use improper grammar.

Ninth: People who misuse/do not use their car turning signals. To be run over by an 18-wheeler for eternity

I shall have a picture up soon....once i am done. :D



12 November 2009

Is it sad that I need dating advice?

I'm so freaked out that I am somehow going to mess everything up (I usually do), that I'm not even talking anymore!!! I don't want to say anything stupid.......so, I end up being stupid. I'm so stupid...Okay, I'm going to stop being stupid and not dwell on this. Yesterday was great. I had fun. He had fun. This will work.

In other news.....well, there is no other news. Not gonna talk about NaNoWriMo because that will just make me guilty that I am not writing.



11 November 2009

I'd Rather Not Tell You...

I don't like telling people my ACT score because I always feel like I'm bragging. And I don't like to brag...

Your cat does not play the drums. :D


That's all I have to say.



I've learned my lesson, trust me.

Yesterday, I gave my friend Sally the second half of her birthday present because I had promised to give it to her. It just took me a while to get it ready. And to be completely honest, I've never felt so bad about giving someone a gift before. I mean, I know the owl was odd looking. But, the way she accepted them, was a little weird. I just got this weird feeling. Like when she saw the Beatles journal, she was like "the yellow submarine isn't one of my favorites. it was over played." that kinda made me feel bad. I think I kind of regret spending $15 dollars on that gift. The owl, the journal, and the muffins. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel a little underappreciated. I mean, if you don't like a gift, you don't say so when the gift giver is standing right in front of you. I should have gone straight to class instead of following her to her locker to see her reaction. That's my fault. Oh well. I like the whole making people things for gifts. It makes the gifts more personal. Like, I wouldn't just make anyone an owl or a turtle, spend hours of my life making things like that. I would have made her a hippo if I hadn't already started on the owl when she told me her favorite animal was a hippo. That just shows you not to assume things. I'm really bad at that. Also, I'm starting back on her PoA scarf. I have a lot to go. I figure if I do one section a day, I'll be done by the end of the month. That means I have to do a section a day, write 2,ooo words a day for NaNoWriMo, and do my homework. I'm going to be super busy....


10 November 2009

"I just got asked out on a date and I missed it...Was it a good ask out?"

Okay, you know you're a loser when you have to call your best friend to make sure that the date you have tomorrow is a date. I mean, yes, I like the guy. But, he's never said he likes me. But, he's acted like it. then he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies tomorrow. and I guess it registered that it was a date, but I've never been asked out before, so I wasn't completely sure. This reminds me of Episode 1 of Season 3 of Gilmore Girls when Jamie asked Paris out on a date and she totally missed it. I am Paris Gellar, without the craziness in the head.

You Don't Know Me...

...You don't know me at all....

Well, you don't. Anywho. I hate AP/IB BIO with every fiber of my being. I also hate my english teacher who thinks that everyone is on her time and that we can all just waste 30 minutes after school to get a 43 page packet from her. NO LADY! I HAVE TO BABYSIT A 3 YEAR OLD WHO THINKS I AM THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!! So, I'm just going to be angry with my teachers today. I wrote 1,000 words for NaNoWriMo today during AP/IB BIO instead of taking notes. I told you Kristina, I would rather spend an hour and a half writing for NaNoWriMo than doing AP/IB BIO. Anywho....gonna go write somemore....it's fun.


09 November 2009


Yeah, guys, that's right. I FAIL at NaNoWriMo....I've only written 2,000 words....I feel so unaccomplished....Slept all day once I got home. Did not go to workstudy...I had girl issues....I hate mothernature. Mothernature.....damn, I walked away and didn't know what I was typing when I came back. Oh well.
Sure, I know what you're thinking: "Jordan, if you were at home doing nothing all day, why didn't you write for NaNoWriMo?"

Okay, that image was a bit much for you. I'm sorry.

But, on the other hand, the extra 5 hours of sleep I got will ensure that I can stay up 5 hours more to do homework AND write for NaNoWriMo. I should start doing that now....

08 November 2009

You broke up with me...on my b'day

So, I just spent 6 hours writting 2,000 words....yay NaNoWriMo....I kinda spent 2 hours of those 6 hours talking to Adam and being weird with Cydney! I love it when my best friend comes over!!!!! So, if you've ever listened to Mika's "Grace Kelly," you haven't heard anything til you've heard mine and Cydney's rendition of it. "We go to the same dentist...Dr. Man...Man o Manowitz..." We're watching Nick and Norah's Infinte Playlist. Greatest Movie EVER!!!!

Okay, going back to writing and watching.

Fill you guys in LATERS.


07 November 2009

You Ruined the Groove...

So, I'm not completely stupid!!!! YAY!!!! I hung out with my best friend and crush tonight. It was fun...and they were conspiring against the oblivious one. Cydney magically "disappeared" at one point leaving me alone with Adam. Idk if you would consider that a date, but I'm pretty sure he likes me now. YAY!!! I have nothing else to report so, I have to go write for NaNoWriMo....


06 November 2009

Chinese Food and Mixed Messages.....good day

You know what sucks? I've had such bad luck and judgement with guys that I can't tell if a guy likes me or not....And I don't know whether the hints I am getting are hints or not. THANK YOU TYLER BLAND FOR FUCKING UP MY LIFE!!!!!!
Okay, Tyler, it's not your fault. I knew you'd never like me. I just watched PRETTY IN PINK too much.

Anywho. Tomorrow I get to hang out ALL DAY with my best friend whom I haven't seen in FOREVVVVVVER!!! Okay, not all day, but she's coming over after the SAT and then we're spending FORRRRRREVVVVVVERRRRRRR together. It's gonna be so much fun.

In some not so fun news, my AP BIO teacher is enjoying the fact that the entire senior class is failing.....who does that? The highest grade on the last test was a 54.....I don't even know what I made yet. If the entire senior class is failing, don't you think there would be a problem with the way that you are teaching???

ANYWHO...not getting mad....i was mad all day at that lady.


I went and had chinese food with Josh, Sera, Jake, Mikey, Alec, Adam, OtherJosh, and Ting. It was fun.....oh, yeah, i'm not grounded anymore.

IDK what else to write. I should be working on NaNoWriMo....


04 November 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead...

Hello Ladies and Gents!
Anywho! Nothing interesting has been going on here...sadly....

I had so much fun at my friend Sally's birthday party. I was good/bad Sandy from Grease. Yes, I know Sandy was white. Get over it. I got my skirt stolen by a really bad thief, got said skirt looked up while on said thief by a hobo, and had tittie cupcakes. And went trick or treating! SO MUCH FUN!!!

I also started on my NaNoWriMo novel on Sunday....it's a load of crap.....

Other than that, nothing else has been interesting....well, maybe the fact that I like the thief who stole my skirt might be a little interesting...

I have to go dance now!!!



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