30 September 2009

You took a piece of my heart, but you gave it away...

Well, I'm still trying to figure out this bi thing. I've been bi for a while, but I haven't actually had another girl interested in me. Hell, I haven't had a boy interested in me. Anywho, I'm grounded....yay? I've been doing homework and reading for the past 3 days....I get ungrounded the day WHERE THE WILD THINGS comes out. YAY!

I haven't much to write today. I smelled like pot all say because my friend gave me a hug after he had been smoking....it was gross.

I'm starting to think that none of my friends confide in me. AT ALL. I don't know anything about my friends. NOTHING. I'm just the fun friend. Not the serious friend. It bugs me. Why can't the confide in me? I believe that if you can't confide in someone, you aren't really friends. I like knowing I can tell someone anything and everything. And I want other people to feel that way about me, but of course they don't. This is going to bug me for a very long time.

I'm done for the day.

The song of the week is: "Cute" by Stephen Jerzak

The book of the month (October) is: The Chronicles of Narnia (yeah, I know it's a series.)



29 September 2009

I just downloaded Mayday Parade's new album...woo!


I have a stickam account.

I only have it cuz matt wanted me to get on stickam.

But, I talk to the girls at his live shows more than i talk to him.

I don't really talk to him anymore.

He did text me during psych today.

Bad idea.

I was taking a test.

Oh well.

I have spanish tomorrow.


I have dance tomorrow!


Idk what else to write.

Talk to you chickens later



25 September 2009

Baby look at me. And tell me what you see

I have realized several things today.

1. I cannot go to the movies without Cydney. It would be like going to a movie blind and deaf.

2. Boys will not make me happy. I'm just jealous of my friends and I think that if I had a boy in my life, I wouldn't have to be jealous anymore.

3. Walter Perez has a new stalker...

4. I REALLY like latino boys.

5. I'm always broke.

6. I always leave the movie theatre really hyper.


Anywho, how was your friday?

REMEMBER MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, hello guys and dolls!

Today was okay. Figured out what I'm gonna do for the talent show.

That's it...

Nothing exciting today.

Started crushing on another guy I can't have.

Now plotting ways to get said guy to like me.

And I'm going to see FAME with my bestie!


I have never felt so fat in my life.




24 September 2009

I will no longer be inhibited when writing in this blog, nor will I be a nuisance among acquaintences

Hey....long time no...read?

Anywho, my life has been pretty sucky the past few days. One, my brother has to borrow my car because he can't take care of his own and he's already damaged mine. But, I can't say shit because he's older than me and I can't do anything about it. Two, it has become painfully obvious that Chelsea and I are not friends anymore. It sucks. Three, my mother is being a bitch. That's all I have to say about that.

You know, before our big fall out, Chelsea had told me she really hated people that talk about her behind her back. It just registered to me. So, I guess we really can't be friends anymore. Yeah....that makes some things awkward. Like her new best friend is also my friend. So I can't hang out after school with Sally because I tend to run from awkward situations. I'm pretty sure Sally doesn't mind though. It also makes going to the coffee shop awkward. Elliot's inviting me and everything, but I don't want to go if the entire time I am ignored. That just makes no sense. Also, it would make Sally's birthday party awkward. So basically, I've decided (I've decided this on several different occasions with several different people) that wherever Chelsea is going to be, I won't be. So, I will stop hanging out with Sally. I will stop going to the coffee shop. That's simple.

I can't think of anything to write anymore. That's everything I've been thinking for the past hour and 25 minutes.



18 September 2009

Let's get these teen hearts beating FASTER FASTER!

So, today stunk like a skunk procreating with another skunk.....

3 tests back to back. Pretty sure I failed all of them. Yay! And i'm bored.

16 September 2009

You are beautiful

So, I got a stickam account today. And made my webcam work. Yay!

I also realized that I'm a jealous person. I am jealous of every other girl on the planet. Why, you ask? Because every other girl is beautiful. I, however, am not. Sure, on a good day, I'm okay looking. But, I will never have that wow factor that draws people in. Sure, once people get to know me, I'm "wow", but as far as first impressions go, people won't give me a second look to get to know me. I'm the ugly duckling in a huge flock of swans. The worst part about it is that I am fine with it. There are guys that I have liked that after I've really thought about it, I like them better as friends. There are some guys that I wish I was better friends with. There are also some guys that I wish would find me attractive. Then there are some guys that I just want a hug from. I'm beginning to think that Donovan doesn't want to give me hugs anymore. I think the only person who genuinely wants to give me hugs is James. I take that back. Cat wants to give me hugs. And I obviously want to hug her back.

Anyway. I have to get back to my psychology homework.



15 September 2009


Dear Taylor Launter,

How have you been the past 17 years? Great I hope. Well, I'm writing you this letter because I am your twin. And I think, to celebrate our 18th birthday, we should meet and have a huge party. I know you are probably going to have some lavish party, with Taylor Swift on the guest list, and probably have no time for your twin sister. But, I think it would be cool to have celebrate the past 17 years of our lives together. Anywho, I hope everything is well for you.

Love your twin sister,

P.S. - You look hot in New Moon. Just thought I should say that.
P.P.S - My best friend wants your body.

14 September 2009

Caricature of Intimacy

Hidy Ho, Neighbor!

Here's what I did today:

1. Did not pay attention in school

2. Started knitting part 1 of Sally's bday present.

3. Bought some mushrooms.

4. Looked up 'How to be a Burlesque Dancer' on eHow.

5. Read a fanfic about Brendon Urie on Quizilla.

6. Thought about how I would totally be a burlesque dancer for the chance to kiss Brendon Urie's gorgeous lips.

I actually think burlesque is kinda cool. That in NO WAY implies that I think stripping is cool. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

I also noticed how listening to Panic! At the Disco's "Build God then We'll Talk" makes me feel sexy.

Anywho. I started workstudy today. All of my familiar puppies were gone. The mastifs were adopted and were replaced in the playroom by dogs rescued from a puppy mill. I took my new friend Chico into the big play-yard with some other dogs and ended up with mud all over the front of my shirt. However, Chico is a very very good dog. I also played with Jennifer and Peggy. I'm gonna call her Peggy Sue from now on. Just so I can sing "Superman" by Peggy Sue and the Pirates to her. I got a video of Jennifer on my phone. She's so freaking adorable. She is going to be a huge dog. I can barely hold her.

Well, that's all I have for today.



13 September 2009

I'm still a little kid...

I want bunny slippers.

And pancakes.

And nap time.

Anywho............here are my lists of the day. I've decided that every sunday, I will make various lists for you people to enjoy.

Songs stuck in my head right now:

  1. Wake Up - The Arcade Fire
  2. Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine
  3. Wake the Sun - The Matches
  4. The Calculation - Regina Spektor
  5. Sleepy Tigers - Her Space Holiday

Books I can't Put Down at the Moment

  1. Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
  2. In the Night Kitchen - Maurice Sendak
  3. Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
  4. Paper Towns - John Green
  5. New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

Movies I've Watched in the Past Week

  1. Twilight
  2. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
  3. Hook
  4. Howl's Moving Castle
  5. Across the Universe

Well, those are my lists of the day/week/whatever. I hope you enjoy.

12 September 2009

new movie idea

i want to write a movie about a girl who purposefully forgets everyone she's ever known.....

There's no such thing as "just friends"

You know, I really hate that phrase "just friends."
I hate that phrase ONLY because the people who say that phrase never have any intention of being a friend. They just leave. They say "Let's just be friends" and you never hear from them ever again. It really shouldn't bug me that much. But, it does. Oh well.
I will just think of WTWTA for now. Numb the anger and hurt I feel at the moment...

Remember your WILD THING

As we grow up, we start losing that sense of imagination that once compelled us to pick up the crayon box and scribble to our hearts' content. The same imagination helped us build castles out of high-back chairs and quilts and fight dragons in the shapes of teddy bears. Where does that imagination go? I believe Maurice Sendak knew where it went. It followed Max to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
As we grow up, we forget where our wild things are and we lose our imaginations. THANK GOD Spike Jonze is making this beloved childrens' book into a major motion picture so we can remember where our imaginations are and remember why we loved that crayon box as a kid.

I am still a little kid. Hear my wild thing ROAR!!!!!!!


10 September 2009


I have a follower!
Someone is actually reading this!!
Hey, follower!!!
You just made my day...and made me feel very paranoid....do i know you?

Hey, what can I do girl, what can I do to end up with you?

Wow, I haven't written in this thing in almost a week....weird.

Anyway, I hate school so much. You have no clue!!!! Why is school so fucking horrible???

Anyway....here are some bands to check out. I don't want to put mp3s on here, so just go to their myspace and check 'em out. Tell 'em MOJO JOJO sent you!








well, those are enough links to last you the weekend. A bit of news: As usual, I had a date this weekend. And you'll never guess! It's not happening anymore. Who'd have known, right? No one would have guessed that! Anyway. I wonder if I could pimp myself out? No, I love myself too much to do that....And it wouldn't be for the money...even though I need some cash. Whatever.

You wanna know what I wonder? If scene kids are really good kissers....no, scene boys. cuz there are a lot of videos on the internet of them kissing...usually each other.

Did I post the things I want on this blog? I don't remember....so i will repost it! Yay!


  • to be happy
  • to be loved
  • to accomplish something
  • to be kissed before I leave high school
  • to go on a roller coaster
  • to love
  • to be successful
  • to inspire
  • to be inspired
  • to make a movie

I was watching Gilmore Girls this afternoon and I realized that Jared Padeleki didn't get attractive until season 4. I also noticed that Alexis Bledel's acting got worse in the last 2 seasons.

This blog has no real train of thought. It's just all over the place. Like how I'm about to talk about guys even though there's no real reason to talk about them.

I keep wondering what I do wrong when it comes to guys. Maybe, liking them is the problem. Or maybe it's the fact that I tell them I like them. Or maybe it's the fact that I am simply unattractive. Or maybe guys just find me really really weird. Either way, it sucks...........

I don't know what else to write. If you can think of anything else for me to write about, let me know.

05 September 2009

My mother need to get HER priorities straight and stop worrying about mine.

My list of priorities:
1. School
2. Dance
3. Family
4. Friends

My mom's list of priorities for me:
2. Chores
3. Getting my hair done ($40 bucks every 2 weeks, when ballet would be $30 every 4 weeks. and apparently we're having money problems? Money problems my ASS)
4. Looking presentable
5. Family
120. Friends

Does anyone see something wrong with that?

03 September 2009


I don't know how to say the words I want to say to you.
I'm afraid of losing you
i'm afraid of waking from this dream to find you gone.
I may not be perfect.
And I know it's not easy.
But I can't let you go.

Stay with me,
Baby, can't you see
I'm lost without you here.
Save me
from this nightmare

Okay....I was writing this song and this is all I have so far because I can't think of anything else to write.

I want to go on an adventure

Okay, now that I'm done being pissed off...

I wrote a little short story today in creative writing. I've realized that I can only write about relationships...even though I've never had one....weird, right? Well, this one is based on two friends of mine...and kinda based on me too. I'd write it here, but I'm not sure who is reading this.

I'm not sure if anyone is reading this, actually. However, last time I though no one was reading it, 3 people - two of them being my best friends - were reading this and I ended up being a jackass.

Okay. Tomorrow afternoon or Monday, I'm gonna go to the park and play on the playground...or I might go to the river. I'm feeling the need for an adventure...maybe go all the way down the creepy path. I dunno...

I've got way too much on my mind that I probably shouldn't have on my mind...

Unpredictability is overrated

I am so over the predictable-ness of my life!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know why I try anymore. It's fucking obvious that I always want things/people I can't have.

But, then again, I'm not that interesting/attractive/whatever.

DAMNIT! I'm fucking pissed off now.

These things used to make me depressed. Now, they just make me angry. I mean, not really angry at other people or the situation. I'm pissed at myself. Why the hell do I keep doing this? I know what's gonna happen!

I'm so fucking over this.....

02 September 2009

I've got a perfect body because my eyelashes catch my sweat


I have never felt so damn tired in my life.
Anywho...I'm trying to think of something to write, but I can't really think of anything. But, I feel the urge/need/want to write in this thing, even though I'm pretty sure no one is reading this...

I'm a little bummed...My principal made me take my lip ring out...it was that or go home and explain it to my mom...I don't know if you've met my mom, but she's a little scary. I'm also bummed that I can't go to Sera's Birthday Extravaganza. I will just have to give her her gift later. Poo sauce.

Anyway. I'm gonna go make cookies...

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