24 May 2009

My Junk is You

Hey guys! Miss me? right.......

anyway. life's been great. However, I am finding myself becoming more and more jealous of Alex and Kristina. But that is because both of them are really cool and the fact that they have each other is a little depressing. Oh no, it looks like this is going to be another blog about guys. Okay, not really. I am jealous of Kristina and Alex because they were at LeakyCon and I wasn't. It sucks to have to go to school when other really cool things are happening. Speaking of school, I'm almost a senior! Woot! That's not really important but whatever. I just got a Twitter. Why, you ask. Because it seemed like fun and i only follow 7 people, which includes Kristina, John, Hank, Lily, Cassadee, Sierra, and Eric. If you count the bands that I follow, then make that number 19. Also, for the past week, every time I log onto myspace, I have on average 5 friend request from bands. Christofer, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. sorry about the yelling. I think the only good news I have for this post is that my dance recital is next weekend and I am very excited about that. But if you are attending and want to hang out after, go to the 2 o'clock show, not the 10 o'clock show. Seriously, that would just be stupid. Also, if you want seats, get there early.

Because I can't write a decent blog, I have to talk about boys. I can't felp myself. First, Jacob needs to stop being a manwhore. Second, Shane needs to make up his mind about me or the pot. If he chooses the pot, he's a dumbass. I'm just saying. Third, okay, there is no third, I just felt like there needed to be a third.

Well, it's midnight and I need sleep for the hardcore studying that's going down tomorrow. So I will try to update this on a regular basis once summer starts.


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