30 December 2009

Clever, Cunning, Sneaky Snakes!

Well, of course, being the wired in person that I am, the first thing I do when I get up is check the many websites I am associated with for new messages, comments, whatever. The first thing I check is Ravelry (best site ever!). It's a knitting and crocheting community. And to add to the nerdiness, I am in 2 groups dedicated to Harry Potter. Now, one group, HP Knitting/Crocheting House Cup, has just accepted my request to join in the fun. And guess where the Sorting Hat put me! Slytherin, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo yah! In your face!!!! I'm really excited about that. You have no clue how excited I am. Well, I have to go chill with my friends now. Just wanted to post an update. See you later, dolls.


29 December 2009

Knitting and Squares...

Why, Hello you spaztastic awesome bunch of people who I'm sure read my blog!

I've just realized that I have written a lot less in my blog in the last 3 months and that is because MY SCHOOL IS PLOTTING TO KILL ME!!!!! Yes, it's true. But, I'm really badass, so I think I'll survive. I have a science fair project due in a week....haven't even started. But, that is okay. I always pull through. Anywho...Lately, I've been knitting like crazy. I've made a belt, some socks, a hat, and I'm about to start a messenger bag. Yeah, I'm having way too much fun with this. I'm also excited because Thursday is Square Day, and since NO ONE but 3 people besides myself know what that is, I will enlighten you. Square Day is an event when 3 of my friends and myself get together to just chill. A lot of the time, Lord of the Rings, pancakes, Gilmore Girls, and Sally's house is involved. And this time, Josh is going to be there! Finally! Square Days are always fun. Except for the fact that we never have Square Days in our pajamas like we say we will....Anywho...in need to go finish some Christmas presents (yeah, I know Christmas was 4 days ago) so, I will leave you guys with the song of the day: Shit Song by Kate Nash!

Kate Nash - Shit Song


Jordan :)

28 December 2009


Hey guys and dolls!

It's after Christmas, and you know what that means!!! SHOPPING!!! I am aware that shopping after Christmas makes no sense, but I went shopping anyway. And I bought 2 shirts.....I'm such a big spender....lol

Anywho, what have you pimps been up to?

25 December 2009


Well, I can finally post on this thing! from a new computer nonetheless!!!! I hope all of your Christmases have been awesome! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you've been having a badass holiday season. Anywho....my big brother gave me a rubber duck for Christmas...you have no idea how psyched I am about my rubber duck....yes, I know I am awkward. Get over it.

I've realized that I am a very ambitious person about giving gifts. I just think that I want to make people things and don't think about the time constraints on making things for people. So, some people might not get their gifts until waaaaaay after Christmas....sad panda....

Well, I'm going to go enjoy my Christmas with my family....


14 December 2009

Greetings from the Ends of the Earth

Hello Guys and Dolls!!!!

It's been a month since my last post...did you guys miss me? I bet you did.....

Anywho, I've been so busy with school and Christmas-related hoopla, that I've just been completely absent from this thing. Seriously, I went 2 days without sleep. Honestly! My best friend thought I was on uppers....Anywho. So what's new?

1. Started knitting to reduce stress.

2. Started eating dark chocolate to reduce stress.

3. My lack of stress has worried people.

4. Made some new friends due to my new stress relievers.

Well, I don't know what else to write here, so I'll be off. I will post some knitting patterns later with pictures of some things I have knitted recently. If you can't wait, look me up on Ravelry (DanniBeez).

Toodles darlings!!!!


14 November 2009

Once again, Jordan was a jerk. Except this time, she didn't know she was being a jerk. DAMN IT!


Cute Boy + Sweeney Todd + Spongebob Squarepants + awesome pizza + crazy cat = really good day. :D

Jacob Black, you are worth the wait.

Well, half way through making my Dante's Inferno project, I got bored and frustrated...So, I wrote 1ooo words for Nanowrimo. Then, I proceeded to sing the soundtrack to Anastasia. Great soundtrack. Did anyone ever notice how gay the guy singing for Aladdin (in Aladdin, not Anastasia) sounds? I absolutely love Aladdin, but the guy sounds EXTREMELY gay. Anywho....6 DAYS TIL NEW MOON!!!! -happy dance- I'm so excited it's ridonkulous.

Okay, I need to be writing, knitting, doing homework...something besides this because I have so much to do and after 11, none of it will be getting done. I have 1 hour and 30 minutes to take a shower and do some of all of that.....YAY!



13 November 2009

Dante's Inferno Is Quite Amusing

WOOO!!!! I'm a paranoid freak! Okay, I don't want to write a blog explaining that....

I would actually love to take this time and describe my Dante's Inferno proyecto con muchachos.

Well, for my AP/IB English class, I have to build Dante's Inferno, except I get to pick what sin goes with each level of hell and I'm finding it quite amusing. Well, the first level of hell is full of gossipers...their punishment: to bleed eternally from the tongue.

Second level: Liars. Punishment? To eternally swallow sulfuric acid.

Third: Traitors. Punishment? To have someone play darts on their back with oversized darts for eternity.

Fourth: Bigots. To hold an eternal headstand in dung and rotting corpses.

Fifth: Murders. To burn in eternal hellfire.

Sixth: Abusers. To have eternal lashings with spiked whips.

Seventh: Adulters. To have their reproductive organs through an eternal meat processor.

Eighth: People who use improper grammar.

Ninth: People who misuse/do not use their car turning signals. To be run over by an 18-wheeler for eternity

I shall have a picture up soon....once i am done. :D



12 November 2009

Is it sad that I need dating advice?

I'm so freaked out that I am somehow going to mess everything up (I usually do), that I'm not even talking anymore!!! I don't want to say anything stupid.......so, I end up being stupid. I'm so stupid...Okay, I'm going to stop being stupid and not dwell on this. Yesterday was great. I had fun. He had fun. This will work.

In other news.....well, there is no other news. Not gonna talk about NaNoWriMo because that will just make me guilty that I am not writing.



11 November 2009

I'd Rather Not Tell You...

I don't like telling people my ACT score because I always feel like I'm bragging. And I don't like to brag...

Your cat does not play the drums. :D


That's all I have to say.



I've learned my lesson, trust me.

Yesterday, I gave my friend Sally the second half of her birthday present because I had promised to give it to her. It just took me a while to get it ready. And to be completely honest, I've never felt so bad about giving someone a gift before. I mean, I know the owl was odd looking. But, the way she accepted them, was a little weird. I just got this weird feeling. Like when she saw the Beatles journal, she was like "the yellow submarine isn't one of my favorites. it was over played." that kinda made me feel bad. I think I kind of regret spending $15 dollars on that gift. The owl, the journal, and the muffins. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel a little underappreciated. I mean, if you don't like a gift, you don't say so when the gift giver is standing right in front of you. I should have gone straight to class instead of following her to her locker to see her reaction. That's my fault. Oh well. I like the whole making people things for gifts. It makes the gifts more personal. Like, I wouldn't just make anyone an owl or a turtle, spend hours of my life making things like that. I would have made her a hippo if I hadn't already started on the owl when she told me her favorite animal was a hippo. That just shows you not to assume things. I'm really bad at that. Also, I'm starting back on her PoA scarf. I have a lot to go. I figure if I do one section a day, I'll be done by the end of the month. That means I have to do a section a day, write 2,ooo words a day for NaNoWriMo, and do my homework. I'm going to be super busy....


10 November 2009

"I just got asked out on a date and I missed it...Was it a good ask out?"

Okay, you know you're a loser when you have to call your best friend to make sure that the date you have tomorrow is a date. I mean, yes, I like the guy. But, he's never said he likes me. But, he's acted like it. then he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies tomorrow. and I guess it registered that it was a date, but I've never been asked out before, so I wasn't completely sure. This reminds me of Episode 1 of Season 3 of Gilmore Girls when Jamie asked Paris out on a date and she totally missed it. I am Paris Gellar, without the craziness in the head.

You Don't Know Me...

...You don't know me at all....

Well, you don't. Anywho. I hate AP/IB BIO with every fiber of my being. I also hate my english teacher who thinks that everyone is on her time and that we can all just waste 30 minutes after school to get a 43 page packet from her. NO LADY! I HAVE TO BABYSIT A 3 YEAR OLD WHO THINKS I AM THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!! So, I'm just going to be angry with my teachers today. I wrote 1,000 words for NaNoWriMo today during AP/IB BIO instead of taking notes. I told you Kristina, I would rather spend an hour and a half writing for NaNoWriMo than doing AP/IB BIO. Anywho....gonna go write somemore....it's fun.


09 November 2009


Yeah, guys, that's right. I FAIL at NaNoWriMo....I've only written 2,000 words....I feel so unaccomplished....Slept all day once I got home. Did not go to workstudy...I had girl issues....I hate mothernature. Mothernature.....damn, I walked away and didn't know what I was typing when I came back. Oh well.
Sure, I know what you're thinking: "Jordan, if you were at home doing nothing all day, why didn't you write for NaNoWriMo?"

Okay, that image was a bit much for you. I'm sorry.

But, on the other hand, the extra 5 hours of sleep I got will ensure that I can stay up 5 hours more to do homework AND write for NaNoWriMo. I should start doing that now....

08 November 2009

You broke up with me...on my b'day

So, I just spent 6 hours writting 2,000 words....yay NaNoWriMo....I kinda spent 2 hours of those 6 hours talking to Adam and being weird with Cydney! I love it when my best friend comes over!!!!! So, if you've ever listened to Mika's "Grace Kelly," you haven't heard anything til you've heard mine and Cydney's rendition of it. "We go to the same dentist...Dr. Man...Man o Manowitz..." We're watching Nick and Norah's Infinte Playlist. Greatest Movie EVER!!!!

Okay, going back to writing and watching.

Fill you guys in LATERS.


07 November 2009

You Ruined the Groove...

So, I'm not completely stupid!!!! YAY!!!! I hung out with my best friend and crush tonight. It was fun...and they were conspiring against the oblivious one. Cydney magically "disappeared" at one point leaving me alone with Adam. Idk if you would consider that a date, but I'm pretty sure he likes me now. YAY!!! I have nothing else to report so, I have to go write for NaNoWriMo....


06 November 2009

Chinese Food and Mixed Messages.....good day

You know what sucks? I've had such bad luck and judgement with guys that I can't tell if a guy likes me or not....And I don't know whether the hints I am getting are hints or not. THANK YOU TYLER BLAND FOR FUCKING UP MY LIFE!!!!!!
Okay, Tyler, it's not your fault. I knew you'd never like me. I just watched PRETTY IN PINK too much.

Anywho. Tomorrow I get to hang out ALL DAY with my best friend whom I haven't seen in FOREVVVVVVER!!! Okay, not all day, but she's coming over after the SAT and then we're spending FORRRRRREVVVVVVERRRRRRR together. It's gonna be so much fun.

In some not so fun news, my AP BIO teacher is enjoying the fact that the entire senior class is failing.....who does that? The highest grade on the last test was a 54.....I don't even know what I made yet. If the entire senior class is failing, don't you think there would be a problem with the way that you are teaching???

ANYWHO...not getting mad....i was mad all day at that lady.


I went and had chinese food with Josh, Sera, Jake, Mikey, Alec, Adam, OtherJosh, and Ting. It was fun.....oh, yeah, i'm not grounded anymore.

IDK what else to write. I should be working on NaNoWriMo....


04 November 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead...

Hello Ladies and Gents!
Anywho! Nothing interesting has been going on here...sadly....

I had so much fun at my friend Sally's birthday party. I was good/bad Sandy from Grease. Yes, I know Sandy was white. Get over it. I got my skirt stolen by a really bad thief, got said skirt looked up while on said thief by a hobo, and had tittie cupcakes. And went trick or treating! SO MUCH FUN!!!

I also started on my NaNoWriMo novel on Sunday....it's a load of crap.....

Other than that, nothing else has been interesting....well, maybe the fact that I like the thief who stole my skirt might be a little interesting...

I have to go dance now!!!



28 October 2009

Hell Yeah, I Want to Work With Mia Michaels!!!!

Okay. I have this friend who is really really talented in the artistic department. However, she has a recurring motif in several of her paintings. And I don't mean to be rude by saying "Hey, it's another naked lady." I really don't. So, if it in someway offends her, I'm sorry. She just has a motif in her art and I was just acknowledging it.


I have no more news....


25 October 2009

I'm a chicken.....

This is what I want to say to Matt, ONLY because he keeps blowing me off and I guess I should take a hint, but i'm not.

I DON'T WANT TO DATE YOU, YOU NIMWAD!!!!! The reason I keep asking you if you want to hang out is because I am sick of my friends. All of my friends go to my school. All of my friends are super competitive and I can't take it anymore! I want to hang out with you because you are the one person who I haven't known since birth and you aren't super competitive and you're super chill and you don't want to go to college so you don't worry about things as much. I know this makes me sound like a bad person, but I don't care. I'm just sick of all this competition and shit that apparently everyone of my friends loves. And I feel like I'm missing out on stuff and I never get the time to just sit back and enjoy life.

But, of course, I'm not going to say that.

24 October 2009

My Secrets Aren't That Dirty...

I don't like keeping secrets. I really don't. And even though I know no one is reading this, if I write my secrets on here, they won't be secrets anymore. So, I am going to write down every single one of my secrets because I don't like keeping secrets.

  1. Since the 5th grade, I have had imaginary boyfriends.
  2. Until now, my imaginary boyfriends felt real. I would talk to them. They would hold me, kiss me, make me feel special.
  3. Now, I can't feel my imaginary boyfriends because it's just set in that they aren't real.
  4. I'm sad that I can't feel my imaginary boyfriends because there is a very very minimal chance that I will have a real boyfriend anytime in my near or distant future.
  5. I like being depressed because then at least I know I can feel something.

Those are the only secrets I can think of right now. If anyone reads this, which I know they don't, they will think I am crazy. Sometimes, I think I'm crazy. Who knows.

Well, that's all for today.



19 October 2009

You Pick the Insects Off Plants

Hello guys and dolls.

It's been a very boring monday today. The only interesting things that happened were:

  1. I got a top hat!!!!!
  2. I got lime green suspenders!!!!!
  3. There was a rather large bug on my windshield and I tried to get it off with my windshield wipers, but I just scraped its butt along the windshield. The bug eventually crawled away...just without a butt. XD

Well, one of my friends and I have been trying to convince another of our friends that his new band name is HORRIBLE compared to the previous one and that he is losing his focus from the music and INTEGRITY and focusing on the ditzy idiots that call themselves his fans. We really want him to do well and we love his music, but he's getting farther and farther away from his original goal. We just wish he will see what he's forgotten.

In other news, I saw a picture of Matt today. It made me realize how much I miss him. Not romantically or anything. He's just different from my other friends. And seeing as, I am somehow pushing my friends away, I was kind of hoping he still wanted to be my friend. But, it's obvious he doesn't want to, which is kinda sad.

You know what else is sad? The fact that I am pushing my friends away. I know what I am doing to push them away. I just can't seem to stop. I am being horribly mean. I'm also being self-centered. I need to stop. I also talk too much. My friends don't talk much. Why do I talk so much? I hate the sound of my own voice. But, I think I hate silence more. So, I talk to fill the silence. Or maybe it's from all those years of being silent and everyone asking me what's wrong. I don't want people to pity me. There is nothing wrong. If there is, I will tell them. Because, I have no filter.

Okay, I need to go clean my room.



Song of the Day - "Kids" by MGMT

18 October 2009

"An expert in anything was once a beginner."

After 2 months of grueling hard work, I finally finished 1 of 2 scarves I am making for my friend Sally. I originally wasn't making them for her birthday, but I decided to make them for her birthday and her bday present is a discounted price plus some extra things. I'm excited about this scarf. It's really good looking. The only qualms with it I have is that I was not careful when I changed colors to make sure that I changed on the same side of the scarf. So, half of the scarf has color change on one side and the other half on the other side. There was a really cute guy at Michael's the last time I went in there. He was REALLY cute. I'm contemplating going back just to see him and not get the yarn and supplies that I need. Well, here is the scarf. ^ You'll notice that the colors are Ravenclaw, which for those of you who are not RC fans, the quote in the title is a Rowena Ravenclaw (founder of the Ravenclaw house of Hogwarts; cofounder of Hogwarts) quote. I was going to post a link to the pattern that I used, but the website is no longer working. That really puts a halt to all of my Harry Potter inspired knits. Drat. oh well. If you want to know how to knit this, ask me about it. I'm in the process of making a PoA inspired one now and I'm equally excited about it.


Song of the Week - Capsize by Karen O and the Kids

16 October 2009

To Me, Coming From You, Friend Is a Four Letter Word. "End" Is the Only Part That I Heard.

Dear Matthew,
How are you? I hope you're doing well. I'm writing you to say that I am sorry I made things awkward. I wish we could still be friends. You were a pretty cool guy the few days that we were friends.

See you around,

Dear Cat,
Please stop acting like we are together. Obviously, we are not, seeing as you have TWO boyfriends. So, don't even act like you're into me because I KNOW you are not. And by the way, marijuana is addictive.

Thank you,

Dear Chelsea,
How's it going? I hope you are well. I seriously thought that things would be different. They aren't and I understand that it is my fault. I wish I hadn't said the things that I did, but you can't change the past. I've noticed that over the years, I've been a horrible friend to you. First, I almost kill you. Then, I talk shit about you on my blog and to Matt. Maybe you've noticed too. I'm sorry. I know you told me to stop saying that, but I feel that I need to. I know you will probably never forgive me and apologizing doesn't make anything right or erase the wrong I've done. But, saying it verbalizes how I feel.

I'll see you around,

Dear Annie,
I guess it was about time to cut our ties. We're two very different people from two very different crowds. It was fun being your friend. I keep wondering if you were just my friend because I drove you to school or took you places because I'm very different from the rest of your friends. But, honestly, I don't care.

It was nice knowing you,

Dear Hadley,
Sometimes I think I annoy you. I don't know if it's true or not. But, everytime I talk to you, I feel like I should stop talking or I'm talking too much.

See you next monday,

14 October 2009

I'm a Broken Heart, I'm a Broken Heart, I'm a Broken Heart

RAWR lovelies!!!!

I don't know what to write about today. Today has been a day full of crappiness. Except that I GOT ACCEPTED TO UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA!!!! other than that, my day hasn't gone so well. It's like everywhere I looked, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FRIENDS was with their boyfriend or girlfriend. It was like I was the only one left, besides the people who are afraid to have human contact. I mean, EVERY ONE of them had someone. What the fuck? Is it mating season? I seriously ran away from my friends. At the end of school, I was going to hang out with everyone in the parking lot, but when I got there, I was surrounded by awkward. So, I went back to my locker to get a book I didn't need and went the back way to my car. I am pathetic.

Sometimes, I just need to remember how to breathe. I bought some hair dye today. Black and Fushia. I also bought some glitter eyeliner....it's purple. Now I have normal eyeliner, electric blue eyeliner, white eyeliner, green eyeliner, red eyeliner, and PURPLE eyeliner. I'm so happy about that!

I dress like a dude. I wear jeans and a tee everyday. I never wear skirts or dresses. I never wear the hundreds of shoes that I own, that's partially because I have nothing to wear them with. Oh well.

Song of the Day: TimeBomb by Stephen Jerzak

12 October 2009

When the Lightning Bolts Are Glowing I Can See Where I Am Going

Good evening!

I haven't posted in a while. Well, this weekend, I went to my cousin's wedding in Baltimore, MD....without a camera....so, I used what I had: my phone. I took pictures of the wedding party and of Baltimore. It was a 12 hour drive. At one point, when we passed through Virginia, we passed a awesometastic river and I didn't get a picture because I am a dumbass. Well, I was going to post some pictures from my trip and a few from the talent show last week, but my phone is being retarded....Well, because my phone is an asshole, here are some random pictures that I can get off my phone.

yes, chelsea, i was taking a picture......and probably acting like an idiot at the same time....

serafina!!!!! and josh after he cut his ninja hair off....still looks good though

the ATT bars....except jacob had to mess it up!!! jk <3

07 October 2009

I See You Nearly Everyday, But You Don't See Me

I really have no desire to go to school today....
But, it is Article Day so I get to stuff my face full of spanish food...
That doesn't seem as appetizing as it once did...
I will update this at a later date when I'm not late getting to school...

Song of Morning - "Night Vision Binoculars" by Passenger

06 October 2009

The IB Seniors are at it again!!!!!

Tonight was as eventful as it gets!!!!
We had our annual Talent Show.
As always, I acted like an idiot.
However, one of my friends juggled and rapped (yeah, white boy!!!)
Two of my friends played "Godzilla" in a band.
And TYLER BALDWIN did a tribute to MAYDAY PARADE because MAYDAY PARADE is awesome.

Of course, the teachers felt the rath of the seniors: all the teachers died except Chambers....he'll never die.....well, D-Mill didn't die either, she just went insane....

Like last year, these 2 girls decided to sing...except THEY CAN'T SING!!!!! and they sang the song that I and 3 of my friends sang sophomore year.....ironic that they are sophomores....BUT!!!! 1. We sang a capella. 2. We had 4 part harmony. 3. WE COULD SING!!!!

I hate it when people try to copy..... I feel sorry for next year's talent show. Unless the freshmen step it up, it will be bad.....OMG! there was this one freshman who played "Clocks" by Coldplay on the piano and I died because he was so adorable!!!!!!



05 October 2009

It's still okay to dream, right?

  1. Dark Hair
  2. Green Eyes
  3. Taller than me
  4. Kind of built, not too much muscle, but not lanky either
  5. Really dorky
  6. Really passionate
  7. Artistic, a photographer or painter or a drummer or a bassist or a singer

04 October 2009

For some people, being alive is easy. For others, it isn't

I don't feel anything anymore. I'm never upset. I'm never sad. I'm never happy. I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING ANYMORE! what the fuck is wrong with me?

03 October 2009

And In the Daylight I Don't Pick Up My Phone Cause In the Daylight Everywhere Feels Like Home

I was wondering today why I don't have any friends outside of school.... well, the answer to that question's obvious. I never go anywhere outside of school. I'm either at school, at home, or at dance. None of the girls at dance talk to me so I'm pretty sure none of them are my friends.

Also, because I like to reminisce (even on the bad times), I went over the list of guys that have rejected me....it's a long list. And while I was reminiscing, I laughed. I thought my rejection was rather humorous. Wanna see the list? No, oh well.

  1. Tyler Bland
  2. Nick Robinson
  3. Buddy Bruhn
  4. Ian Krusinski
  5. Cameron Rose
  6. Kelvin Dorsey
  7. Shane Mitchell
  8. James LeCroy
  9. Joshua Hayes
  10. David Coutoumanos
  11. Huebert Vance
  12. Christopher Seifert
  13. Arthur Cortes
  14. Jacob Mayhew
  15. Mason McFarland
  16. Matthew LaPoint
  17. Shaun Boyles
  18. Daniel McCurry

I started this list in 5th grade........I'd show you the "not rejected" list, but it's non existance. Sometimes, I don't even know why I liked those guys. Sometimes I do. Sometimes, it depresses me. Sometimes, it angers me. But right now, at this particular moment, it really has no effect. I don't really care at this point. It's not that big a deal. In 11 months, I'll be going off to college. I won't have time to add people to that list. I doubt I will even remember anyone on that list.

I really want some Hershey's Dark Chocolate.......

01 October 2009

Short Sweet and Simple! Clear As Mud? I think so!

I realized today that a guy I used to like is a complete manwhore. And I'm glad I didn't go out with him. YAY!

and I have AP LIT with Griffo tomorrow. WOO!

30 September 2009

You took a piece of my heart, but you gave it away...

Well, I'm still trying to figure out this bi thing. I've been bi for a while, but I haven't actually had another girl interested in me. Hell, I haven't had a boy interested in me. Anywho, I'm grounded....yay? I've been doing homework and reading for the past 3 days....I get ungrounded the day WHERE THE WILD THINGS comes out. YAY!

I haven't much to write today. I smelled like pot all say because my friend gave me a hug after he had been smoking....it was gross.

I'm starting to think that none of my friends confide in me. AT ALL. I don't know anything about my friends. NOTHING. I'm just the fun friend. Not the serious friend. It bugs me. Why can't the confide in me? I believe that if you can't confide in someone, you aren't really friends. I like knowing I can tell someone anything and everything. And I want other people to feel that way about me, but of course they don't. This is going to bug me for a very long time.

I'm done for the day.

The song of the week is: "Cute" by Stephen Jerzak

The book of the month (October) is: The Chronicles of Narnia (yeah, I know it's a series.)



29 September 2009

I just downloaded Mayday Parade's new album...woo!


I have a stickam account.

I only have it cuz matt wanted me to get on stickam.

But, I talk to the girls at his live shows more than i talk to him.

I don't really talk to him anymore.

He did text me during psych today.

Bad idea.

I was taking a test.

Oh well.

I have spanish tomorrow.


I have dance tomorrow!


Idk what else to write.

Talk to you chickens later



25 September 2009

Baby look at me. And tell me what you see

I have realized several things today.

1. I cannot go to the movies without Cydney. It would be like going to a movie blind and deaf.

2. Boys will not make me happy. I'm just jealous of my friends and I think that if I had a boy in my life, I wouldn't have to be jealous anymore.

3. Walter Perez has a new stalker...

4. I REALLY like latino boys.

5. I'm always broke.

6. I always leave the movie theatre really hyper.


Anywho, how was your friday?

REMEMBER MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, hello guys and dolls!

Today was okay. Figured out what I'm gonna do for the talent show.

That's it...

Nothing exciting today.

Started crushing on another guy I can't have.

Now plotting ways to get said guy to like me.

And I'm going to see FAME with my bestie!


I have never felt so fat in my life.




24 September 2009

I will no longer be inhibited when writing in this blog, nor will I be a nuisance among acquaintences

Hey....long time no...read?

Anywho, my life has been pretty sucky the past few days. One, my brother has to borrow my car because he can't take care of his own and he's already damaged mine. But, I can't say shit because he's older than me and I can't do anything about it. Two, it has become painfully obvious that Chelsea and I are not friends anymore. It sucks. Three, my mother is being a bitch. That's all I have to say about that.

You know, before our big fall out, Chelsea had told me she really hated people that talk about her behind her back. It just registered to me. So, I guess we really can't be friends anymore. Yeah....that makes some things awkward. Like her new best friend is also my friend. So I can't hang out after school with Sally because I tend to run from awkward situations. I'm pretty sure Sally doesn't mind though. It also makes going to the coffee shop awkward. Elliot's inviting me and everything, but I don't want to go if the entire time I am ignored. That just makes no sense. Also, it would make Sally's birthday party awkward. So basically, I've decided (I've decided this on several different occasions with several different people) that wherever Chelsea is going to be, I won't be. So, I will stop hanging out with Sally. I will stop going to the coffee shop. That's simple.

I can't think of anything to write anymore. That's everything I've been thinking for the past hour and 25 minutes.



18 September 2009

Let's get these teen hearts beating FASTER FASTER!

So, today stunk like a skunk procreating with another skunk.....

3 tests back to back. Pretty sure I failed all of them. Yay! And i'm bored.

16 September 2009

You are beautiful

So, I got a stickam account today. And made my webcam work. Yay!

I also realized that I'm a jealous person. I am jealous of every other girl on the planet. Why, you ask? Because every other girl is beautiful. I, however, am not. Sure, on a good day, I'm okay looking. But, I will never have that wow factor that draws people in. Sure, once people get to know me, I'm "wow", but as far as first impressions go, people won't give me a second look to get to know me. I'm the ugly duckling in a huge flock of swans. The worst part about it is that I am fine with it. There are guys that I have liked that after I've really thought about it, I like them better as friends. There are some guys that I wish I was better friends with. There are also some guys that I wish would find me attractive. Then there are some guys that I just want a hug from. I'm beginning to think that Donovan doesn't want to give me hugs anymore. I think the only person who genuinely wants to give me hugs is James. I take that back. Cat wants to give me hugs. And I obviously want to hug her back.

Anyway. I have to get back to my psychology homework.



15 September 2009


Dear Taylor Launter,

How have you been the past 17 years? Great I hope. Well, I'm writing you this letter because I am your twin. And I think, to celebrate our 18th birthday, we should meet and have a huge party. I know you are probably going to have some lavish party, with Taylor Swift on the guest list, and probably have no time for your twin sister. But, I think it would be cool to have celebrate the past 17 years of our lives together. Anywho, I hope everything is well for you.

Love your twin sister,

P.S. - You look hot in New Moon. Just thought I should say that.
P.P.S - My best friend wants your body.

14 September 2009

Caricature of Intimacy

Hidy Ho, Neighbor!

Here's what I did today:

1. Did not pay attention in school

2. Started knitting part 1 of Sally's bday present.

3. Bought some mushrooms.

4. Looked up 'How to be a Burlesque Dancer' on eHow.

5. Read a fanfic about Brendon Urie on Quizilla.

6. Thought about how I would totally be a burlesque dancer for the chance to kiss Brendon Urie's gorgeous lips.

I actually think burlesque is kinda cool. That in NO WAY implies that I think stripping is cool. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

I also noticed how listening to Panic! At the Disco's "Build God then We'll Talk" makes me feel sexy.

Anywho. I started workstudy today. All of my familiar puppies were gone. The mastifs were adopted and were replaced in the playroom by dogs rescued from a puppy mill. I took my new friend Chico into the big play-yard with some other dogs and ended up with mud all over the front of my shirt. However, Chico is a very very good dog. I also played with Jennifer and Peggy. I'm gonna call her Peggy Sue from now on. Just so I can sing "Superman" by Peggy Sue and the Pirates to her. I got a video of Jennifer on my phone. She's so freaking adorable. She is going to be a huge dog. I can barely hold her.

Well, that's all I have for today.



13 September 2009

I'm still a little kid...

I want bunny slippers.

And pancakes.

And nap time.

Anywho............here are my lists of the day. I've decided that every sunday, I will make various lists for you people to enjoy.

Songs stuck in my head right now:

  1. Wake Up - The Arcade Fire
  2. Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine
  3. Wake the Sun - The Matches
  4. The Calculation - Regina Spektor
  5. Sleepy Tigers - Her Space Holiday

Books I can't Put Down at the Moment

  1. Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
  2. In the Night Kitchen - Maurice Sendak
  3. Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
  4. Paper Towns - John Green
  5. New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

Movies I've Watched in the Past Week

  1. Twilight
  2. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
  3. Hook
  4. Howl's Moving Castle
  5. Across the Universe

Well, those are my lists of the day/week/whatever. I hope you enjoy.

12 September 2009

new movie idea

i want to write a movie about a girl who purposefully forgets everyone she's ever known.....

There's no such thing as "just friends"

You know, I really hate that phrase "just friends."
I hate that phrase ONLY because the people who say that phrase never have any intention of being a friend. They just leave. They say "Let's just be friends" and you never hear from them ever again. It really shouldn't bug me that much. But, it does. Oh well.
I will just think of WTWTA for now. Numb the anger and hurt I feel at the moment...

Remember your WILD THING

As we grow up, we start losing that sense of imagination that once compelled us to pick up the crayon box and scribble to our hearts' content. The same imagination helped us build castles out of high-back chairs and quilts and fight dragons in the shapes of teddy bears. Where does that imagination go? I believe Maurice Sendak knew where it went. It followed Max to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
As we grow up, we forget where our wild things are and we lose our imaginations. THANK GOD Spike Jonze is making this beloved childrens' book into a major motion picture so we can remember where our imaginations are and remember why we loved that crayon box as a kid.

I am still a little kid. Hear my wild thing ROAR!!!!!!!


10 September 2009


I have a follower!
Someone is actually reading this!!
Hey, follower!!!
You just made my day...and made me feel very paranoid....do i know you?

Hey, what can I do girl, what can I do to end up with you?

Wow, I haven't written in this thing in almost a week....weird.

Anyway, I hate school so much. You have no clue!!!! Why is school so fucking horrible???

Anyway....here are some bands to check out. I don't want to put mp3s on here, so just go to their myspace and check 'em out. Tell 'em MOJO JOJO sent you!








well, those are enough links to last you the weekend. A bit of news: As usual, I had a date this weekend. And you'll never guess! It's not happening anymore. Who'd have known, right? No one would have guessed that! Anyway. I wonder if I could pimp myself out? No, I love myself too much to do that....And it wouldn't be for the money...even though I need some cash. Whatever.

You wanna know what I wonder? If scene kids are really good kissers....no, scene boys. cuz there are a lot of videos on the internet of them kissing...usually each other.

Did I post the things I want on this blog? I don't remember....so i will repost it! Yay!


  • to be happy
  • to be loved
  • to accomplish something
  • to be kissed before I leave high school
  • to go on a roller coaster
  • to love
  • to be successful
  • to inspire
  • to be inspired
  • to make a movie

I was watching Gilmore Girls this afternoon and I realized that Jared Padeleki didn't get attractive until season 4. I also noticed that Alexis Bledel's acting got worse in the last 2 seasons.

This blog has no real train of thought. It's just all over the place. Like how I'm about to talk about guys even though there's no real reason to talk about them.

I keep wondering what I do wrong when it comes to guys. Maybe, liking them is the problem. Or maybe it's the fact that I tell them I like them. Or maybe it's the fact that I am simply unattractive. Or maybe guys just find me really really weird. Either way, it sucks...........

I don't know what else to write. If you can think of anything else for me to write about, let me know.

05 September 2009

My mother need to get HER priorities straight and stop worrying about mine.

My list of priorities:
1. School
2. Dance
3. Family
4. Friends

My mom's list of priorities for me:
2. Chores
3. Getting my hair done ($40 bucks every 2 weeks, when ballet would be $30 every 4 weeks. and apparently we're having money problems? Money problems my ASS)
4. Looking presentable
5. Family
120. Friends

Does anyone see something wrong with that?

03 September 2009


I don't know how to say the words I want to say to you.
I'm afraid of losing you
i'm afraid of waking from this dream to find you gone.
I may not be perfect.
And I know it's not easy.
But I can't let you go.

Stay with me,
Baby, can't you see
I'm lost without you here.
Save me
from this nightmare

Okay....I was writing this song and this is all I have so far because I can't think of anything else to write.

I want to go on an adventure

Okay, now that I'm done being pissed off...

I wrote a little short story today in creative writing. I've realized that I can only write about relationships...even though I've never had one....weird, right? Well, this one is based on two friends of mine...and kinda based on me too. I'd write it here, but I'm not sure who is reading this.

I'm not sure if anyone is reading this, actually. However, last time I though no one was reading it, 3 people - two of them being my best friends - were reading this and I ended up being a jackass.

Okay. Tomorrow afternoon or Monday, I'm gonna go to the park and play on the playground...or I might go to the river. I'm feeling the need for an adventure...maybe go all the way down the creepy path. I dunno...

I've got way too much on my mind that I probably shouldn't have on my mind...

Unpredictability is overrated

I am so over the predictable-ness of my life!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know why I try anymore. It's fucking obvious that I always want things/people I can't have.

But, then again, I'm not that interesting/attractive/whatever.

DAMNIT! I'm fucking pissed off now.

These things used to make me depressed. Now, they just make me angry. I mean, not really angry at other people or the situation. I'm pissed at myself. Why the hell do I keep doing this? I know what's gonna happen!

I'm so fucking over this.....

02 September 2009

I've got a perfect body because my eyelashes catch my sweat


I have never felt so damn tired in my life.
Anywho...I'm trying to think of something to write, but I can't really think of anything. But, I feel the urge/need/want to write in this thing, even though I'm pretty sure no one is reading this...

I'm a little bummed...My principal made me take my lip ring out...it was that or go home and explain it to my mom...I don't know if you've met my mom, but she's a little scary. I'm also bummed that I can't go to Sera's Birthday Extravaganza. I will just have to give her her gift later. Poo sauce.

Anyway. I'm gonna go make cookies...

31 August 2009

My Mom = Cotton from POTC

This evening, my mom gave me a lecture about how I need to focus and that she gives me this lecture every year. She also said that she thinks that I think she sounds like a broken record. Then she went on to tell me to fix the broken record so I won't be listening to the same bullshit every year. You know the first thing that popped into my head was to just cut her tongue out. That way, she can't say shit to me.

30 August 2009

I can't handle the weight of the world that rests upon my shoulders.

I'm trying to think of reasons why I care so much......
And I can't find a reason. I just do.
Sometimes, I wonder if I can stop caring.
But, I know I can't.
I want to stop caring.
Then everything wouldn't hurt so bad.
Like the fact that I will probably never have my best friend back.
Or that because I fall too hard too fast that I will scare every guy I have/will ever like away.
If I didn't care so much, it wouldn't hurt.
Sam was right.
I want everyone to be my friend and I want everyone to like me.
And knowing that people aren't my friend or don't like me absolutely KILLS me.
And maybe, I'm not strong enough to handle that.
I hate admitting that I am a weak person,
but I am.
I am very weak.
That is probably why Senora hates me.
That is probably why everyone eventually gets bored with me and moves on.
I want to say I'm okay with that,
but I know it would be a lie.

29 August 2009

Did you see my party dress?

you know what always makes me feel better???


especially if the song makes no sense to anyone else in the room. LMAO

I am what I am and I can't change....

I am insecure.
I am afraid.
I am passionate.
I am quiet.
I am a good listener.
I am a good friend.
I avoid confrontation.
I run head first into love.
I worry.
I care.
I am jealous.
I am faithful.
I love to laugh.
I love to cry.
I am insecure.
I am afraid.
I am passionate.
I am quiet.
I am what I am and I can't change...

If I Fall, Will You Catch Me?

Melissa is right. I fall too quickly. I should do something about that. Maybe, not fall at all. That seems like a good solution. I guess. But, that solution seems very lonely. And depressing.....wait, how is that any different from the problem?


10 Reasons I Should be a Likeable Person

Because Chelsea told me to do this, and because she'd probably tell me to do it immediately if she knew I was beating myself up right now, I will write down everything I like about myself.

1. I have amazing calves.

2. I have good taste in music.

3. I have good taste in books.

4. I have good taste in boys.

5. I'm a good writer.

6. I'm a good singer.

7. I give great hugs.

8. I try to be a good friend.

9. I'm not fat.

10. I'm kinda pretty.

Those are the 10 things I like about myself today........and writing these down did not make me feel better. Yay!

Strange Days We Are Livin' In...

Okay, so my parents were up til 4 in the morning blasting music and I got NO sleep. Isn't that kinda backwards? I'm going to be tired all day. And it's not like I can tell my internal clock to not wake me up at 9. yay! This also means I'm going to look like crap all day. I'm probably gonna pull my hair back into a ponytail and were sweats all day. I want to make chocolate chip cookies.

28 August 2009

I'm roughly six feet tall...

I have realized that I spend a lot of my time confused. But, I also spend a lot of my time thinking about things instead of doing them. I don't understand why I am shy or nervous around people. My mum thinks I'm a social butterfly or I have a lot of friends or whatever, but in all honesty, most of my friendships happen out of random occurances. I've never gone up to anyone and just introduced myself or anything like that. And usually, when people meet me, I'm really hyper or something and then as they get to know me, I'm not as hyper or energetic or loud or spontaneous. In reality, I'm quiet and extremely introspective. I'm a koala bear.

On the Brightside by NeverShoutNever

I met a man of two feet tall
This man was quite ambitious
In a world that is so vicious to us all
I said, "Hi," as he replied
He said, "Listen to these words
That I have lived by my whole life

"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be
And you're only as small as the world will make you seem
When the going gets rough and you feel like you may fall
Just look on the brightside - you're roughly six feet tall"

I met a man of 12 feet tall
He towered like a giant
In a world that was defiant of his height
I said, "Hi," as he replied
He said, "Listen to these words
That I have dreaded my whole life

"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be
And you're only as small as the world will make you seem
When the going gets rough and you feel like you may fall
Just look on the brightside - you're roughly six feet tall."

I am a man of six feet tall
Just looking for some answers
In a world that answers none of them at all
I'll say, "Hi," but not reply
To the letters that you write
Because I found some peace of mind

Cause I'm only as tall as my heart will let me be
And I'm only as small as the world will make me seem
When the going gets rough and I feel like I may fall
I'll look on the brightside - I'm roughly six feet tall.

I'm really in love with this song right now. I have been listening to it on repeat for 2 days.

I need help writing this novelette I've been writing. I've already written 2 chapters, but I can't think of anything else to write. I've been preoccupied lately. But, I really need to start writing again. I need to focus.

27 August 2009

12 Ways to Win Her Heart

1. Tickle her. She'll love it even though she tells you to stop.

2. Forget diamonds! Hugs are a girl's best friend. She loves them...especially if they are from you.

3. Spend time with her, even if it's time just sitting not doing or saying anything. Your presence is enough.

4. Hug her and tell her she looks beautiful when she thinks she looks like crap.

5. Tell her she's cute/pretty/beautiful whenever you can. She likes getting compliments even when she says she doesn't.

6. Hold her hand or wrap your arm around her. She likes it when you touch her.

7. Laugh with her, not at her. And if she thinks you're laughing at her, hug her to reassure her you're not.

8. If she's cold, wrap your arm around her or give her your coat/jacket/hoodie. She will think you are the sweetest thing in the world even if she already does.

9. Short kisses on the cheek/forehead/neck are always sweet. They let her know how much you care without being overly showy.

10. She's nervous around you, so you both are in the same boat. Yay mutual nervousness!

11. Tell her you care, no matter how you say it.

12. Be yourself as much as possible. If you're not, she'll think you have something to hide.

I just realized that when I'm thinking really hard about something, I avoid eye contact and get really really quiet. I also bite my bottom lip.

WTF God!?!

Okay, today, I discovered a magical mystical wall called I-459. You see, this magical wall protects everything on the Vestavia side from rain, hurricanes, fire, whatever. However, if the power goes out on the Vestavia side, the Irondale side is completely fine!

So, when school let out this afternoon, it was pouring down rain. I mean rivers of water rushing down the street, sheets of water falling from the sky. I couldn't see out of my windshield. And because I left my umbrella and rain jacket in the car (I didn't expect it to rain today) I had to jet it to my car half way across the parking lot. I was completely soaked head to toe by the time I got to my car.

Well, my house is maybe 2 miles or less away from my school. And that magical wall I told you about bisects the distance. Well, it poured until we got to I-459. Then as soon as we passed over it, it was completely dry. The nuns at the convent near my house were outside gardening! There was no trace of rain anywhere. I've been home for an hour, NO RAIN!

WTF, God?

I just want to know if You actually made I-459 a magical shield-wall-thingy because that would be soooooo cool!

26 August 2009


I actually can go to Chelsea's birthday party. YAY!

I still don't know if I can go to the coffee shop tomorrow cuz my mommie hasn't given me an answer.

Yes, I refer to my mother as "mommie" or "mum" depending on how endearing I feel at the time.

25 August 2009

I'm a fucking asshole.

I think I preferred being naive and not knowing why she was mad at me. It didn't hurt so much. I can't stop crying.
I told myself I would never cry again in 8th grade.
Crying is pathetic and weak.
I'm not a pathetic or weak person.
But, I can't stop crying.

I'm a jerk.

Well, I figured out why Chelsea's mad at me.
And now I can go from being depressed to feeling like a complete and utter jerk.
I said what I said because I was depressed and pissed off and jealous.
I'm sorry.
See, like my mother said, I'm controlled by my emotions and because of my stupid emotions, I pissed off my best friend to the point that she didn't want to talk to me.
I am such an asshole.
I thought knowing why she was mad at me would help me feel better, but it doesn't.
It just makes me feel worse.
I might go cry now.
Or at least try to cry because I haven't cried since 8th grade.
Yay for being a horrible friend.
This is exactly why people don't like me.
I am mean.
I piss people off.
This is exactly why I would prefer to just be left alone.
Then I can't hurt other people.
I'm fucking horrible.
oh wow, I've actually started to cry.
I'm so fucking horrible.
And apparently, Sally's pissed at me too.
I'm sorry to her too.
I'm pretty much the lowest scum on the earth now.
This is why I avoid people.
I eventually find a way to screw it up.
Even though they are great people and no one could ask for better friends,
I still find some way to fuck it up.
Way to go, Jordan.

Sometimes, staring at the ceiling seems more fun than facing reality

So, you know what sucks?
Going from being best friends one day to barely speaking the next.
I don't even know if I should get her a birthday present or not.
I want to, but I'm not sure she'd want a gift from me.
I honestly feel like shit because I want to find a way to figure this out,
but I can't.
I don't know what to do.
I feel like crying,
but I can't.
I don't know anymore.

24 August 2009

I have a lot on my mind...

Three post in one day...you're probably thinking "Does this girl have a life?"
Well, in all honesty, I don't.
I kinda knew what I wanted to write here,
but now I'm thinking I don't want to post it because I'm not sure who's reading this,
and I'm a little weary about spilling my guts.
But, after this "phase" whatever thing that is going on right now passes,
the guts will resume spillage....
that sounds really gross.
not what I had intended.
So, now, I'm going to post the lyrics of the song I am listening to because that seems way more fun than the whole gut spilling idea.

Bigcitydreams by NeverShoutNever

You say we're both little people and you like it that way
But, in time I'm gonna put this body to shame (grow old)
Wear a suit like my old man
Pack up all my things and get my ass out of town

You got it good.
Whether you like this town or not
I know it's small but with a big head it's bound to get hot
In the summer
The summer is a bummer if you can't leave
this pathetic excuse for a town
That holds all your memories
A lifetime of crushes and your broken dreams
To be anywhere but here
But baby anywhere is away from me.

And you
if you got it all figured out
Then what is there to shout about
This midwest town is gonna miss you
Just go ahead and work it out.
But first come on and let it out.
Scream and shout and tell everybody that you're gonna leave.

i don't feel like putting the rest of the lyrics so you will just have to be satisfied with that.


Monday........ :/

So, I don't know why this monday should be different from any other monday. Except for the fact that I left all my AP BIO stuff in my car which I didn't drive today, I got bit by 3 fire ants, and my best friend was mad at me. Why is she mad at me? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA!!!!
I also had a IB GEO test that I wasn't prepared for. I answered maybe 23 out of 58 questions. I'm also wondering how I have a B in the glass when the only thing we've done is make a map of the world and draw a map of directions to get to my house. Maybe she didn't like my maps. That's a load of crap because I even gave her an alternate route on the directions to my house. There is no possible way to get lost from those directions. Maybe she doesn't like me. Well, that means I will always start my days on a bad note. :/
I'm beginning to think that I annoy my friends. They just constantly seem annoyed with me. I was actually surprised when people started talking to me cuz I'm usually the one to start conversations and that ish. I don't think I will talk to people tomorrow, which is bad because Tuesday is my favorite day of the week....
I really want to know why Chelsea is mad at me. She tried to play it off like she wasn't this afternoon, but that just made things awkward. I just want to know why she's mad at me. I don't know what I've done and maybe if I knew what I did wrong, I could fix it.
Well, I'm going to go do my homework like the good little nerd I'm supposed to be. Or maybe I'll watch Hook...idk. I'm too fucking depressed to watch Hook. Maybe I'll go to sleep...

23 August 2009

i hate being a senior at the moment.

i just remembered the butt load of homework that i have due in the morning. and guess what? i have a geo test and i don't even have the book with me.
i fail as a student....


yay embarrassment!!!!!

09 August 2009

I wanna live a life in a new perspective...

I am an overly paranoid person.
I am not a fun person.
I don't invite people to my house because there is nothing to do at my house.
I, once again, hung out with my friends and felt like a third wheel.
I don't understand why people are my friends.
I realize that I am a huge disappointment to my parents.

I really want to change all of what I have just listed. I just don't know how. I really want to know why people don't like me.

08 August 2009

Mommie, don't make me go to school!!!!

In honor of the beloved, feared, forthcoming senior year, I am making a few promises:

1. I will have a date to senior prom.....that is of the male gender.
2. I will somehow seduce Matthew.
3. I will not fail any classes.
4. I will piss off everyone who pisses me off. That list is long.
5. I will turn to music and writing when things don't go my way....no matter how much it hurts.
6. I will once and for all disspell any feelings I have for James because it is painfully obvious that he doesn't like me.

04 August 2009

Embrace the Nerdiness Vol. 1

Here's a little something that I have noticed....

As much as I wish I could vlog on youtube, I can't. Why, you ask? Because I have NO video equipment. I may have gotten a new computer, but said new computer is without webcam. GRRRR....anyway.....I just thought I'd say that...and now that I think about it, this was a total waste of blog post....oh well.

03 August 2009

Duckies and Decals


Four things happened today:

1. I went to registration for school and got my schedule, parking decal, and locker.

2. I went broke in 2 seconds, thanks to a giant library fee I wasn't aware I had.

3. I got malled on the back by a cat and didn't realize it had happened until I stuck my finger in a bleeding hole 30 minutes later.

4. I fed duckies!!!

Three things that didn't happen today:

1. I didn't go to the movies with my best friend because I was broke.

2. I didn't write the essay I have for school in a week.

3. I didn't finish my discrete math packet that is due in a week.

Good day right? Sort of. I didn't have my car half the day, and that kinda sucks, but I have it now and I have never missed my cars so much. Also, I just spent an hour and a half watching YouTube videos that I haven't watched all month. Another thing, don't expect me to be writing much in this thing after school starts, but I will try to write every once in a while! :D But, I still have videos to watch, so I will leave you now. I will be back, so don't go get some abandonment issues.



01 August 2009

Puppies, New Computers and School Registration

Hello lovelies!
Anyone want to adopt some puppies? Well, if you feel like driving all the way to Alabama, you can adopt them. But, for those of you who want adopt some cute, adorable, loveable, energetic puppies, who live in Alabama, come on down to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and take a look around. All the animals there are adorable, even the maniacle guinae pigs. I personally work with the puppies and dogs so I obviously recommend getting one of our cuties. They love attention and love and each other. lol

Wow, that was a shameless plug for where I work. Oh well.

I got a new computer today! Well, yesterday, technically. I love it! It's not broken or slow or internet challenged! I'm happy. Woot!

I have registration on monday. I also have to take my car to the mechanic. Busy day on my day off....I thought I was supposed to sleep? Grrr.... At least this year I get first dibs on lockers and parking spaces. Woo! Senior! I've never had a top locker. I need a top locker. Those bottom ones are bad on my knees....they're making me old. I really hope they gave me Counterpane and intermediate dance this year.

Okay, I'm getting sleepy, so I will leave it at that, I guess.

I wish I spent more time with James. He's a total sweetheart. Someone might think that I have a crush on him or like him in anyway, but I don't. He's just a really really good friend. I'm glad he's in my life.

20 July 2009

Blah Blah Bleh....Oy with the poodles already!!!

Okay, I know I said that I would finish Watch Closely and start on my new story, but I haven't been in the mood to write in 2 days. However, I have to give a huge thank you to my friend Stephen, who without whom there would be no main character in my next story. Not only does the main character look like Stephen (my choice, not his), if I were to make a movie or play out of it, I would know exactly how to dress him, how he would act and who to cast. Of course, if I were to make a movie or play out of it, I would cast Stephen because he is an actor and my inspiration for Sebastian. THANK YOU STEPHEN!!!!

Anywho... I have decided that anyone who I want to give a Christmas present is going to get socks. Handmade socks. Because I am on a sock kick and don't know when I will be off it. Woo!!! Yay knitting!

Okay, because I have not written about boys today, I will now. Here's what I want a guy to do:

  1. Call me up, ask me out. But, only if you like me!

  2. Don't ask me to a tentative date. Have the exact day and time ready when you ask. TENTATIVE DATES ARE STUPID.
  3. Tell me that you like me. Girls like to hear that every once in a while.

That's all I have for now. If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.

18 July 2009

Thank God for Harry Potter and Laurie Skelton

'Sup chickies!
Well, no real news here. A friend of mine got me to start writing Watch Closely again. I started knitting again. For the past 3 days, I have been knitting a sweater (such a cliche expression) and it's coming along well. I owe this all to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because if I wasn't excited about the movie, I wouldn't have started the Potter inspired frock. Also, I must thank Laurie Skelton, my best friend's sister for showing me the website Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com) because it is amazing. I have never seen such a large community of knitters. It could be called the Stars Hollow of knitting communities. Small town charm, close-knit community (hardy har, great pun), and millions of knitters without actually being a small town. I'm in love. But, I have to finish my sweater.

OH! I saw the new Coca-Cola commercial yesterday and I spazzed with happiness. Go check it out! Open Happiness!

15 July 2009

News New, New News.....No News, News No

I went to the HBP midnight showing yesterday. Sat by a cute guy. Was annoyed by the obnoxious people behind me who wouldn't STFU during the previews. Got pumped for G.I. Joe, Where the Wild Things Are, and laughed at Shorts. Cute guy's phone kept going off during the movie. It was on silent but his pocket kept lighting up. I thought the movie was okay. I think they should have put the fight scene in the tower in the movie but whatever. So far, of all the movies, OotP is my fave. And of the books, GoF is still my fave, with PoA in close second. Also, I know people leave popcorn bags and drinks in the theatre and such, but spilling all of your popcorn in the entryway where everyone will step on it, grinding popcorn into the carpet, is just plain rude and inconsiderate. Besides all of the comical quims in HBP, something else that I found amusing, however weird and clingy this must be, was that every 5 seconds, this guy sitting a row in front of me would lean over and kiss his girlfriend on the cheek. Literally every 5 seconds. But, all in all, good experience. One girl even brought her Firebolt to the movie. And her group of friends was the one leading the car-stereo chorus of Hedwig's Theme. It was prety sensational.

11 July 2009

I wish I was a Gilmore Girl

Today, I had another Gilmore Girls marathon with my mother. It was fun. But as I was watching the incredible TV show, this certain episode including Paris's date with Tristan, I started thinking. Am I so repulsive that a guy can't endure 1 date with me? 1 date? It's not a relationship. I'm not asking to be someone's girlfriend. It's just 1 date. And he doesn't even want to do that. Even after he said he wanted to. He was lying. If he didn't want to go on a date with me, he shouldn't have agreed. He should have said no, like every other person on the planet. It's fucking ridiculous! But, I'm not going to dwell on this. He's obviously an asshole. And I don't want to date an asshole.

06 July 2009


Here is what I did today:
1. Ironed my mum's shirt
2. Drove my dad to the mechanic
3. Slept for several hours
4. Shredded paper for 2 hours
5. Drove my dad back to the mechanic
6. Shredded more paper

I thought summer was supposed to be fun???

29 June 2009

Ah, Summer, You're Stressful

Today, I have done 3 things:

1. Read City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.
2. Got mad at City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.
3. Read more of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

I did those three things for the 6 hours I have been awake.

These things are what I should have been doing:

1. Formulating a thesis for my extended essay.
2. Sending said thesis to my mentor before the deadline tomorrow.
3. Researching for extended essay before my mentor hunts me down with an anrgy mob.

Isn't summer great! lol

Well, other than that, I have nothing else to post except that TRANSFORMERS 2 was KICK ASS!!!

Another thing, I really need to send my spanish teacher a postcard so I can have an A at the start of semester.

26 June 2009

How You Love Me Now

Hello Guys and Dolls!

So, I finally made it back home. And guess what I had waiting for me? Two really nice guys vying for my attention. Well, I have just one problem with that. I don't like either of them. Sure, they're nice guys and everything, but I have waited extended periods of time for these guys. The first one, Shane, has been on my mind since we dated back in freshman year. But, I got over him. The second guy, Huebert, I've been trying to get his attention for a while. The thing is, I am very impatient and have a very short attention span. I'm over both guys and I kind of feel sorry for them. So, because I am a heartless bitch, I have invited both guys to the movies, where I will tell them both that I don't like either of them.

18 June 2009

Girl Power!!!!

I feel really empowered today. I set up an entire surround sound system all by my lonesome. Yay!!!! I also went to a luncheon today hosted by my cousin, Jenell Glymph, who is one of the founders of the organization, Supergirls, Inc. Basically, it's a girl empowerment organization, mentoring teenage girls and helping them in school, life, etc. I love my cousin!

Today was a good day...despite the rain

16 June 2009

Yo yo yiggity yo!

There's nothing much to put in this thing today. I've been listening to music for the past 48 hours thinking about how there are 5 days til I will be back home! woot! Anyway...if you haven't checked out Hey Monday's new album Hold On Tight, go check it out. http://www.myspace.com/heymonday

Anyways...i have nothing else to write.


14 June 2009

Twitter makes me feel like I'm stalking people

You know how a couple of posts ago,
I was kind of pissed off at Huebert?
because I am an impatient person,
I asked him out yesterday and he said yes.
he said yes.
I guess I'm sorry about the earlier post.

11 June 2009

Big News!!!!

Okay, earlier this week, say around Tuesday, yeah, it was Tuesday, my best friend Cydney told me the delicious news that she was getting published. Then on Wednesday, she met with representatives, had a exciting epileptic fit (not really) and made a deal with one of the offering publishers. I'm not gonna tell you what publishers, but I will tell you this: she is an amazing writer and I absolutely adore her as a writer as well as a person and look for her book True Memoirs of a Liar out eventually. I'm really excited for her. Like, really. You have no clue how excited. Anyway...

So, greeting! From Kentucky! Why am I in Kentucky, you ask? Because I wanted to see a musical. And because I wanted to see a musical, I was left here. With no car, no money, and nothing to keep me from going INSANE! Actually, I was never sane to begin with, but that's beside the point. Anyway.....so, I have been reading the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare for the past month. Yes, a month. But that is because I have been busy......Actually, it hasn't been a month. It's been 2 weeks. Wow! Time seems to stretch on FOREVER when you're bored OUT OF YOUR MIND! I love the Mortal Instruments Trilogy. I love Cassandra Clare. I love my best friend Sally for introducing me to her/them. I love writers and readers and publishers. MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I am so excited. In other news, I have started writing again. Yep yep. This new book I'm writing is about a group of rogue Watchers (you'll find out what Watchers are when you go read my book) who have to protect this one person from other Watchers who want to kill him for reasons I'm not gonna tell you on here. Go read it yourself. http://jodidangerous.deviantart.com/art/Disappearing-Acts-125137829
I'm through the first chapter am in the middle of writing the third. Why the third? Because I can't figure out how the second's gonna go. I hate it when this happens. Oh well. I have this unbearable twitch in my leg! This is infuriating! I've had some part of my left side twitching at all times today. Earlier it was my arm. Now it's my leg. If it doesn't stop, I'm going to cut it off. I know it's just nerves sending signals to my muscles and they are contracting involuntarily and it's nothing to worry about, but I want it to stop!
Anyway, I say that a lot, I am going to go now and read or write or sleep...whichever appeals more to me at the time.

01 June 2009

When was the last time you talked to me? Seriously?

Did I mention that I love the band Forever the Sickest Kids? Well, I do.

Anyway, I guess a lot of stuff has happened since the last time I updated this thing. First, I had dress rehearsal and my dance recital. I thought it went pretty well, except for the whole lighting issue. Dale actually cursed the lighting crew. However, that did nothing to fix the lighting problem. This is why they should have practiced the lighting during dress rehearsal. Also, the sound was bad. Well, not bad, just a little tooo loud.....and depthless. Anyway, I'm leaving for Kentucky today....hopefully. I mean, we always say we're gonna leave at a certain time, but we never do. Also, apparently, I'm driving part of the way there. First, I thought I wouldn't be driving because my aunt swore she wouldn't let me drive her Mercedes. Second, I don't want to drive her Mercedes. I drive too fast for that car. I don't want to break it. I know it's a sports car. I still don't want to break it. I am known to do that. And I never break things intentionally.

Also, I know a lot of you out there really hate the Twilight Series with an extreme passion, but I like it. I think it's great. I saw the New Moon trailer a few minutes ago (I don't have cable so I had to look it up on the internet) and did my little happy dance. I'm not gonna lie, I'm all Team Jacob, even if he doesn't fall in love with a little girl. Whatever. Also, they have the chess set and bookends at Barnes and Noble, and I want them. However, I'm broke. I told you I break things.

Boy search is still on.....I think. Boys are confusing. Okay, not really. But whatever. Actually, and this is kinda hard to admit, I don't really like anyone at the moment. However, I did have a dream about my friend Mason, but we're not gonna go into the details because they are (1) fuzzy and (2) weird.

I guess I should stop typing now. I wanted to get 2 more hours of sleep before we left and I have to drive for a couple of hours.


25 May 2009

Party Hard

Okay, I don't really party hard...or party at all for that matter. Whatever. This is about a car. A really cool car that I want that isn't coming to the states for another year. A car that Kristina has and I don't. I love you, Kristina, but I want your car. Totally unfair. Anyway, I want a Ford Fiesta. It's freaking awesome. I want one and I want a blue one. I really needed to say that, so now I'm gonna go eat some rice or hang out with my friends.

24 May 2009

My Junk is You

Hey guys! Miss me? right.......

anyway. life's been great. However, I am finding myself becoming more and more jealous of Alex and Kristina. But that is because both of them are really cool and the fact that they have each other is a little depressing. Oh no, it looks like this is going to be another blog about guys. Okay, not really. I am jealous of Kristina and Alex because they were at LeakyCon and I wasn't. It sucks to have to go to school when other really cool things are happening. Speaking of school, I'm almost a senior! Woot! That's not really important but whatever. I just got a Twitter. Why, you ask. Because it seemed like fun and i only follow 7 people, which includes Kristina, John, Hank, Lily, Cassadee, Sierra, and Eric. If you count the bands that I follow, then make that number 19. Also, for the past week, every time I log onto myspace, I have on average 5 friend request from bands. Christofer, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. sorry about the yelling. I think the only good news I have for this post is that my dance recital is next weekend and I am very excited about that. But if you are attending and want to hang out after, go to the 2 o'clock show, not the 10 o'clock show. Seriously, that would just be stupid. Also, if you want seats, get there early.

Because I can't write a decent blog, I have to talk about boys. I can't felp myself. First, Jacob needs to stop being a manwhore. Second, Shane needs to make up his mind about me or the pot. If he chooses the pot, he's a dumbass. I'm just saying. Third, okay, there is no third, I just felt like there needed to be a third.

Well, it's midnight and I need sleep for the hardcore studying that's going down tomorrow. So I will try to update this on a regular basis once summer starts.


09 May 2009

గ్రీటింగ్స్ ఫ్రొం మై పోస్ట్-ఇట్ మేమో సుబే

Funny thing happened just now. My computer just automatically set the type on my blog to Telugu. First of all, where is that script/language used? Second, it looks cool. Kudos to whoever uses it and can read it. So my week has been eventful/uneventful. How can something be two things at once? I don't question it, I just go with the flow. IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you have not yet, you need to check out the bands Passion Pit, The Cataracs, and Alserene. Tell them Jodi turned you in their directions. They are pretty freaking awesome.
Speaking of awesome, I am going to miss a weekend of awesome next weekend because I will not be able to be in Boston for LeakyCon and I'm very depressed about it. If you are in the Boston area next weekend, check it out and if you see Alex and Kristina, tell them hey for me because I will miss them. Stupid AP testing. Anyway, if you don't know who alex and Kristina are, check them out on YouTube. Alex is Nerimon and Kristina is Italktosnakes. I love them. They are adorable.
Speaking of adorable, a bunch of my friends have been hooking up. Brett and Megan got together, Melissa and Donovan started going out, and Chelsea and Jonathan finally said they were going out. Yay! Go couples! Not really, I am secretly jealous of all of them because I have been single for the past 16 years. Life sucks.
But, I think there is something brewing between me and James. He's been extra nice and extra huggy lately. Either he likes me or he did something illegal and he's sucking up so I won't kill him. But, it's all good. Haha! My friend Hayley was like, "Let me hook you up with one of my scene friends." That was funny. I love my friends.
A friend I don't love is Jonathan (not Chelsea's Jonathan). Hadley and Jonathan are inseparable. It's getting old. She doesn't go ANYWHERE without him. I kind of understand because he's her first boyfriend, but seriously, if someone asks you to go somewhere and you really want to go, don't decline because your lame-ass boyfriend won't go with you. I also understand that the guy is a total nerd and he has no life, but when it gets to the point where's he's at your house for extensive periods of time when you aren't there, there is something wrong. And, Hadley, you're not just angering me, you are angering ALL of your friends who want to hang out with you. Just saying.
But I have to go to sleep now because I have to get up tomorrow and clean my room because Chelsea's coming over. Woo! :]

25 March 2009


Okay. I am getting really really pissed off.
I really wonder about the youth of today. Is it that they are selfish and really don't care, or are they repulsed by things that are foreign to them?Maybe, if they took the time to look outside their cookie cutter lives and stop being so damn self centered, they would realize that they are not the center of the universe and that over 50% of the world's population is completely fucked up and needs someone to help them in the best possible way. There are thousands of children being abducted from their homes every day to fight in this stupid war the LRA is declaring against the Ugandan government. Millions of people are being displaced and moved to crowded, unsanitary, death-ridden camps every year because the LRA is destroying their villages and homes. Yet, every one of the teenagers in America are sitting in front of their TV or computer doing nothing because either they don't know or they don't care. That is why I have tried, on several occasions to tell my friends and family about the situation in Uganda and I have tried to inform them of the charity and amazing work The Invisible Children Inc. has done. But they either don't listen, make jokes about it, or they listen and say "Oh, that's sad" and go about their lives. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! There is something happening in the world that is seriously effecting every one of our lives and no one cares!!!!!!!! This is seriously pissing me off!!!!!

I realize that I am only talking about 1 humanitarian crisis and I know that there are several situations in the world that are putting everyone's cookie-cutter lives at stake, but Invisible Children is a charity dear to my heart and the crisis in Uganda is a cause that I am willing to put my whole life into. I can't help but be infuriated by the carelessness of the world.

22 March 2009

Oh the things to talk about....

Well, most things in my life revolve around two things: School and Dance.

In the school sphere, there is prom, and finals......Prom, the nearer event of the two, is a waste of breath, but since I can't really help myself, I will waste it. I HATE PROM!!!! First, I got a date. Then I got a dress. Well, date is gone, dress still here, dress $200 and now I have to wear it for every formal occasion I have. Finals, I don't have to worry about because....well, I don't know why, but I don't. Then there are the AP tests in May that I am not looking forward to. Why anyone would want to take a 4-6 hour long test is beyond me.

In the dance sphere of my life, I basically have rehearsals every Monday and I will start my solo rehearsals soon....I hope.

Things that aren't in either of those spheres: boys, family, and social engagements.
On May 25, I am planning a Rescue Plan Unveiling Party at my house. I am deeply involved in the Invisible Children organization and events. Unfortunately, I have selfish friends who won't take an hour of their time to watch a movie to help people who are being abducted and displaced because they are so damn absorbed in their safe little lives that they see no point.


In other news, a local theatre company is putting on a production of SPRING AWAKENING, the best musical ever. Okay, maybe not the best ever, but it's pretty darn good.

Since I have talked about social engagements, I will continue to boys. I hate boys. I really do. Especially when they can't say they aren't interested in me to my face. I'm a big girl. Your rejection isn't going to hurt me. Make me lose respect for you, yes. Hurt me, no.

I would like to take this time to ask Huebert Lawrence Vance if he has communication issues or if he's just not into me, because, either way, I get it. I would also like to ask every guy I know that isn't gay if he finds me attractive at all.

Here's what I want. I want a guy to ask me to dance. Not booty-poppin', grinding dance. I want a guy to ask me to slow dance, waltz, something. If he did, I would absolutely swoon. What girl doesn't want a guy to ask her to dance. Especially if they have this amazing dress that she will probably just wear once. On this one occasion when the girl takes the time, effort, and money to look especially fantastic, someone ask her to dance, because she will be putty in your hands.

I will leave you with this one bit of insight that I picked up from the wonderful Jason Mraz: "Be as wild as you want hoping to see these people again."
You only have one life, live it to the absolute fullest, even if you make a complete fool of yourself.

RIP Joel (3/21/08)

20 March 2009

Oh, It's That Time of Year

The flowers are blooming, the teenagers are flashing in Cancun, and giddy little girls are shopping for prom dresses. It must be spring. I'd have to say that spring is as uneventful as thursday mornings for me. I wake up, sit at my computer, take a shower, sit at my computer, and go back to sleep. At least, that's what I have done on my spring break. And to top it off, prom is in 15 days. I am being forced to go by my friends. I don't want to go for several reasons:
1. I will be bored.
2. I don't like anyone who goes to my school.
3. I don't (and will never) have a date.
4. Last time I went to a dance type thing, I hated it.
5. It's expensive.

I know everyone's like "It's something you'll regret if you don't go." The only reason I would want to go to prom would be, and I know this is vain but, for a guy to tell me I'm beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have the honor of being the girl people call "beautiful" all the time. The last time someone called me beautiful was when I was 8....and it was my dad.

Maybe I'm just being an angsty teenager.

Oh well, you're only a teenager for 5 years. Might as well make the worst of it.

15 March 2009

The Fear

Lately, as the title suggests, I have been overcome by this inate fear of eternal loneliness. I don't even understand it. Usually, I am okay with being alone. Maybe it's because prom is coming up and I don't have a date, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that not only do guys not want to go to prom with me, they don't want to go anywhere with me. It seems that every guy I know finds me unattractive. But, then again, I'm not attractive, to be perfectly honest. I don't know. I have to admit, that a lot of the guys I know are a little immature. Or maybe, it's because my clique (I really hate that high school society is this way) is comprised completely of girls, except for Jonathan, but he's only there because he's dating Hadley. All of my friends that are guys hang out with people that I don't hang out with or find particularly repulsive. Oh well. I actually had a lot to write about, that had nothing to do with anything I just said, but I have forgotten what it was......this is unfortunate.

01 March 2009

Creatures of Habit Should Not Be Addicted to the Internet

Here is something I have discovered. Recently, I have had a lot of free time on my hands. Not normal free time, which would be like 5 minutes in a day. But hours of free time. And guess what I have been doing with that free time. I have been on the Internet. The only horrible part about my free time is that because I am a creature of habit, I have been going to the same 3 sites the entire time: Facebook, YouTube, and Deviantart. This wouldn't be the case if my browser was not Apple Safari. If I were using Internet Explorer or Firefox, I could get on this AMAZING site called StumbleUpon. It is the most amazing thing I have come across on the internet. It basically takes your interests, compiles them into a list, and with the press of a simple button, you are jetted through the web to different sites that may or may not pique your interest. Some sites are funny, some are inspirational, and some are pointless. Either way, you aren't going to the same 3 sites for 4 hours. Granted, in the 4 hours I was on Facebook, YouTube, and Deviantart, I uploaded some pictures and videos, talked to some friends and browsed some of my friends' artwork. But other than that, I have a boring internet existance. This is why I have started this blog. I had one before, but it was boring and I never wrote anything in it because I never really felt the need to. But, I need something else to do with this surplus of free time that I have.

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