07 February 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Ah! Long time no see, guys and dolls!

I'm sure you're just dying to know what I've been up to. Well in all honesty, if you've read any of my previous posts, you know what I've been up to. So, onward with the depressing sappiness....

Well, as pointed out to me yesterday, I am an overly obvious crush AND when I crush on people I become stalkerish. Yay me! :/ And as I've previously written millions of times, yet again, my love life fails me. Yay!!! I've come to the oh too obvious conclusion that I am not romantic relationship material. Which, now that I've figured that out, I'm going to stop trying. It's the only logical action to be taken in these events. I mean, if for the 18 years I have been alive I can't get a guy to like me, what's the point, right? I completely understand that I am not the most attractive person in the world. I understand that I am completely socially inept (I have a vlog, blog, and am in a ONLINE knitting community). It just makes sense that I am unfit for this moronic social ritual our society has come to know as DATING (or courting/courtship, if you want to get old school). But, in lighter news, I just got another pair of sunglasses. They are black and lime green. Go me!!! Valentine's Day is shit.



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