29 January 2010

The Worst Holiday Ever Invented Is Almost Here!

Yes, I am talking about Valentine's Day. I have hated Valentine's Day since the 5th grade. Why the 5th grade? In the 5th grade, Buddy Bruhn took the Valentine I gave him, showed it to his friends and laughed in my face. And every year since, I haven't had a "Valentine." Sure, in grade school your mum makes you give Valentines to your schoolmates. But, there's always that special Valentine you give to your crush or your boyfriend. Screw that shit! Valentine's Day is stupid. And yes, you can say that I'm just being bitchy about it because I am single.

Speaking of me being single, let's think back to the times I wasn't single. Well, that time doesn't exist. Sure, I've gone on a few dates (a few being 3). But, I have always been single. Why? I don't know why!!!! I wish I knew why!

Let's see.....let's rate the successfulness of the "dates" I've been on....

Date #1:

Guy: Shane
When: Freshman year of high school
Where: A musical at my school
Hand holding: yes
Hugs: yes
Kiss: yes
Good conversation: yes
2nd Date: No

Date #2:

Guy: Adam
When: Senior year of high school
Where: Chinese, Target, his house
Hand holding: no
Hugs: No
Kiss: No
2nd Date: Yes

Date #3:
Guy: Adam
When: Senior year of high school
Where: his house
Hand holding: sort of?
Hugs: 1
Kiss: No
3rd Date: No

Were those dates successful? Date #2 was obviously more successful than Dates #1 and #3. HOWEVER, I still ended up fucking miserable. The guy from Date #1 was only trying to get to my best friend. I don't know about the guy from Dates #2 and #3. We don't even talk anymore so I'm going to say he's just a jerk? And the sad thing is, I don't even know what went wrong.

Okay, I'm going to stop being bitter because it's just making my day worse than it already is. I'm going to go watch a movie and keep being the hopeless romantic that everyone seems to hate.


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