20 March 2009

Oh, It's That Time of Year

The flowers are blooming, the teenagers are flashing in Cancun, and giddy little girls are shopping for prom dresses. It must be spring. I'd have to say that spring is as uneventful as thursday mornings for me. I wake up, sit at my computer, take a shower, sit at my computer, and go back to sleep. At least, that's what I have done on my spring break. And to top it off, prom is in 15 days. I am being forced to go by my friends. I don't want to go for several reasons:
1. I will be bored.
2. I don't like anyone who goes to my school.
3. I don't (and will never) have a date.
4. Last time I went to a dance type thing, I hated it.
5. It's expensive.

I know everyone's like "It's something you'll regret if you don't go." The only reason I would want to go to prom would be, and I know this is vain but, for a guy to tell me I'm beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have the honor of being the girl people call "beautiful" all the time. The last time someone called me beautiful was when I was 8....and it was my dad.

Maybe I'm just being an angsty teenager.

Oh well, you're only a teenager for 5 years. Might as well make the worst of it.

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