29 June 2009

Ah, Summer, You're Stressful

Today, I have done 3 things:

1. Read City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.
2. Got mad at City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.
3. Read more of City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

I did those three things for the 6 hours I have been awake.

These things are what I should have been doing:

1. Formulating a thesis for my extended essay.
2. Sending said thesis to my mentor before the deadline tomorrow.
3. Researching for extended essay before my mentor hunts me down with an anrgy mob.

Isn't summer great! lol

Well, other than that, I have nothing else to post except that TRANSFORMERS 2 was KICK ASS!!!

Another thing, I really need to send my spanish teacher a postcard so I can have an A at the start of semester.

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