11 June 2009

Big News!!!!

Okay, earlier this week, say around Tuesday, yeah, it was Tuesday, my best friend Cydney told me the delicious news that she was getting published. Then on Wednesday, she met with representatives, had a exciting epileptic fit (not really) and made a deal with one of the offering publishers. I'm not gonna tell you what publishers, but I will tell you this: she is an amazing writer and I absolutely adore her as a writer as well as a person and look for her book True Memoirs of a Liar out eventually. I'm really excited for her. Like, really. You have no clue how excited. Anyway...

So, greeting! From Kentucky! Why am I in Kentucky, you ask? Because I wanted to see a musical. And because I wanted to see a musical, I was left here. With no car, no money, and nothing to keep me from going INSANE! Actually, I was never sane to begin with, but that's beside the point. Anyway.....so, I have been reading the Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare for the past month. Yes, a month. But that is because I have been busy......Actually, it hasn't been a month. It's been 2 weeks. Wow! Time seems to stretch on FOREVER when you're bored OUT OF YOUR MIND! I love the Mortal Instruments Trilogy. I love Cassandra Clare. I love my best friend Sally for introducing me to her/them. I love writers and readers and publishers. MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I am so excited. In other news, I have started writing again. Yep yep. This new book I'm writing is about a group of rogue Watchers (you'll find out what Watchers are when you go read my book) who have to protect this one person from other Watchers who want to kill him for reasons I'm not gonna tell you on here. Go read it yourself. http://jodidangerous.deviantart.com/art/Disappearing-Acts-125137829
I'm through the first chapter am in the middle of writing the third. Why the third? Because I can't figure out how the second's gonna go. I hate it when this happens. Oh well. I have this unbearable twitch in my leg! This is infuriating! I've had some part of my left side twitching at all times today. Earlier it was my arm. Now it's my leg. If it doesn't stop, I'm going to cut it off. I know it's just nerves sending signals to my muscles and they are contracting involuntarily and it's nothing to worry about, but I want it to stop!
Anyway, I say that a lot, I am going to go now and read or write or sleep...whichever appeals more to me at the time.

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