26 June 2009

How You Love Me Now

Hello Guys and Dolls!

So, I finally made it back home. And guess what I had waiting for me? Two really nice guys vying for my attention. Well, I have just one problem with that. I don't like either of them. Sure, they're nice guys and everything, but I have waited extended periods of time for these guys. The first one, Shane, has been on my mind since we dated back in freshman year. But, I got over him. The second guy, Huebert, I've been trying to get his attention for a while. The thing is, I am very impatient and have a very short attention span. I'm over both guys and I kind of feel sorry for them. So, because I am a heartless bitch, I have invited both guys to the movies, where I will tell them both that I don't like either of them.

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