15 July 2009

News New, New News.....No News, News No

I went to the HBP midnight showing yesterday. Sat by a cute guy. Was annoyed by the obnoxious people behind me who wouldn't STFU during the previews. Got pumped for G.I. Joe, Where the Wild Things Are, and laughed at Shorts. Cute guy's phone kept going off during the movie. It was on silent but his pocket kept lighting up. I thought the movie was okay. I think they should have put the fight scene in the tower in the movie but whatever. So far, of all the movies, OotP is my fave. And of the books, GoF is still my fave, with PoA in close second. Also, I know people leave popcorn bags and drinks in the theatre and such, but spilling all of your popcorn in the entryway where everyone will step on it, grinding popcorn into the carpet, is just plain rude and inconsiderate. Besides all of the comical quims in HBP, something else that I found amusing, however weird and clingy this must be, was that every 5 seconds, this guy sitting a row in front of me would lean over and kiss his girlfriend on the cheek. Literally every 5 seconds. But, all in all, good experience. One girl even brought her Firebolt to the movie. And her group of friends was the one leading the car-stereo chorus of Hedwig's Theme. It was prety sensational.

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