29 December 2009

Knitting and Squares...

Why, Hello you spaztastic awesome bunch of people who I'm sure read my blog!

I've just realized that I have written a lot less in my blog in the last 3 months and that is because MY SCHOOL IS PLOTTING TO KILL ME!!!!! Yes, it's true. But, I'm really badass, so I think I'll survive. I have a science fair project due in a week....haven't even started. But, that is okay. I always pull through. Anywho...Lately, I've been knitting like crazy. I've made a belt, some socks, a hat, and I'm about to start a messenger bag. Yeah, I'm having way too much fun with this. I'm also excited because Thursday is Square Day, and since NO ONE but 3 people besides myself know what that is, I will enlighten you. Square Day is an event when 3 of my friends and myself get together to just chill. A lot of the time, Lord of the Rings, pancakes, Gilmore Girls, and Sally's house is involved. And this time, Josh is going to be there! Finally! Square Days are always fun. Except for the fact that we never have Square Days in our pajamas like we say we will....Anywho...in need to go finish some Christmas presents (yeah, I know Christmas was 4 days ago) so, I will leave you guys with the song of the day: Shit Song by Kate Nash!

Kate Nash - Shit Song


Jordan :)

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