27 March 2010

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Good Morning Blog Readers!

I have been up since 8 doing nothing because I lied about going to an AP Review Session.....at least I am out of the house. Since I left, I have listened to screamo in my car, talking to one of the besties, and watched adorable pomeranian puppies on YouTube.

That wasn't important, really, was it? In IMPORTANT news, I have started writing again. YAY! I'm about 3,000 words into my next novel. I really hope i finish it. What I have so far looks pretty good, but of course I will have to send it to my editor (CYDNEY, THAT WOULD BE YOU). I told bestie Alex about it and he was like "You like writing about depressing things." No, I just like writing about troubled people. It's that damsel-in-distress-where-the-hell-is-my-night-in-shining-armor mentality.

Recently, I've been following Maureen Johnson on Twitter (yes I have a twitter, @JodiAlexandria). I really like her writing style and the way she carries herself as a writer. I think I might go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a ton of books to inspire me. I'll keep you posted about the novel and other business about my life.



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