14 November 2009

Jacob Black, you are worth the wait.

Well, half way through making my Dante's Inferno project, I got bored and frustrated...So, I wrote 1ooo words for Nanowrimo. Then, I proceeded to sing the soundtrack to Anastasia. Great soundtrack. Did anyone ever notice how gay the guy singing for Aladdin (in Aladdin, not Anastasia) sounds? I absolutely love Aladdin, but the guy sounds EXTREMELY gay. Anywho....6 DAYS TIL NEW MOON!!!! -happy dance- I'm so excited it's ridonkulous.

Okay, I need to be writing, knitting, doing homework...something besides this because I have so much to do and after 11, none of it will be getting done. I have 1 hour and 30 minutes to take a shower and do some of all of that.....YAY!



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