13 November 2009

Dante's Inferno Is Quite Amusing

WOOO!!!! I'm a paranoid freak! Okay, I don't want to write a blog explaining that....

I would actually love to take this time and describe my Dante's Inferno proyecto con muchachos.

Well, for my AP/IB English class, I have to build Dante's Inferno, except I get to pick what sin goes with each level of hell and I'm finding it quite amusing. Well, the first level of hell is full of gossipers...their punishment: to bleed eternally from the tongue.

Second level: Liars. Punishment? To eternally swallow sulfuric acid.

Third: Traitors. Punishment? To have someone play darts on their back with oversized darts for eternity.

Fourth: Bigots. To hold an eternal headstand in dung and rotting corpses.

Fifth: Murders. To burn in eternal hellfire.

Sixth: Abusers. To have eternal lashings with spiked whips.

Seventh: Adulters. To have their reproductive organs through an eternal meat processor.

Eighth: People who use improper grammar.

Ninth: People who misuse/do not use their car turning signals. To be run over by an 18-wheeler for eternity

I shall have a picture up soon....once i am done. :D



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