06 November 2009

Chinese Food and Mixed Messages.....good day

You know what sucks? I've had such bad luck and judgement with guys that I can't tell if a guy likes me or not....And I don't know whether the hints I am getting are hints or not. THANK YOU TYLER BLAND FOR FUCKING UP MY LIFE!!!!!!
Okay, Tyler, it's not your fault. I knew you'd never like me. I just watched PRETTY IN PINK too much.

Anywho. Tomorrow I get to hang out ALL DAY with my best friend whom I haven't seen in FOREVVVVVVER!!! Okay, not all day, but she's coming over after the SAT and then we're spending FORRRRRREVVVVVVERRRRRRR together. It's gonna be so much fun.

In some not so fun news, my AP BIO teacher is enjoying the fact that the entire senior class is failing.....who does that? The highest grade on the last test was a 54.....I don't even know what I made yet. If the entire senior class is failing, don't you think there would be a problem with the way that you are teaching???

ANYWHO...not getting mad....i was mad all day at that lady.


I went and had chinese food with Josh, Sera, Jake, Mikey, Alec, Adam, OtherJosh, and Ting. It was fun.....oh, yeah, i'm not grounded anymore.

IDK what else to write. I should be working on NaNoWriMo....


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