03 August 2009

Duckies and Decals


Four things happened today:

1. I went to registration for school and got my schedule, parking decal, and locker.

2. I went broke in 2 seconds, thanks to a giant library fee I wasn't aware I had.

3. I got malled on the back by a cat and didn't realize it had happened until I stuck my finger in a bleeding hole 30 minutes later.

4. I fed duckies!!!

Three things that didn't happen today:

1. I didn't go to the movies with my best friend because I was broke.

2. I didn't write the essay I have for school in a week.

3. I didn't finish my discrete math packet that is due in a week.

Good day right? Sort of. I didn't have my car half the day, and that kinda sucks, but I have it now and I have never missed my cars so much. Also, I just spent an hour and a half watching YouTube videos that I haven't watched all month. Another thing, don't expect me to be writing much in this thing after school starts, but I will try to write every once in a while! :D But, I still have videos to watch, so I will leave you now. I will be back, so don't go get some abandonment issues.



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