24 August 2009

I have a lot on my mind...

Three post in one day...you're probably thinking "Does this girl have a life?"
Well, in all honesty, I don't.
I kinda knew what I wanted to write here,
but now I'm thinking I don't want to post it because I'm not sure who's reading this,
and I'm a little weary about spilling my guts.
But, after this "phase" whatever thing that is going on right now passes,
the guts will resume spillage....
that sounds really gross.
not what I had intended.
So, now, I'm going to post the lyrics of the song I am listening to because that seems way more fun than the whole gut spilling idea.

Bigcitydreams by NeverShoutNever

You say we're both little people and you like it that way
But, in time I'm gonna put this body to shame (grow old)
Wear a suit like my old man
Pack up all my things and get my ass out of town

You got it good.
Whether you like this town or not
I know it's small but with a big head it's bound to get hot
In the summer
The summer is a bummer if you can't leave
this pathetic excuse for a town
That holds all your memories
A lifetime of crushes and your broken dreams
To be anywhere but here
But baby anywhere is away from me.

And you
if you got it all figured out
Then what is there to shout about
This midwest town is gonna miss you
Just go ahead and work it out.
But first come on and let it out.
Scream and shout and tell everybody that you're gonna leave.

i don't feel like putting the rest of the lyrics so you will just have to be satisfied with that.


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