01 August 2009

Puppies, New Computers and School Registration

Hello lovelies!
Anyone want to adopt some puppies? Well, if you feel like driving all the way to Alabama, you can adopt them. But, for those of you who want adopt some cute, adorable, loveable, energetic puppies, who live in Alabama, come on down to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and take a look around. All the animals there are adorable, even the maniacle guinae pigs. I personally work with the puppies and dogs so I obviously recommend getting one of our cuties. They love attention and love and each other. lol

Wow, that was a shameless plug for where I work. Oh well.

I got a new computer today! Well, yesterday, technically. I love it! It's not broken or slow or internet challenged! I'm happy. Woot!

I have registration on monday. I also have to take my car to the mechanic. Busy day on my day off....I thought I was supposed to sleep? Grrr.... At least this year I get first dibs on lockers and parking spaces. Woo! Senior! I've never had a top locker. I need a top locker. Those bottom ones are bad on my knees....they're making me old. I really hope they gave me Counterpane and intermediate dance this year.

Okay, I'm getting sleepy, so I will leave it at that, I guess.

I wish I spent more time with James. He's a total sweetheart. Someone might think that I have a crush on him or like him in anyway, but I don't. He's just a really really good friend. I'm glad he's in my life.

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