27 August 2009

WTF God!?!

Okay, today, I discovered a magical mystical wall called I-459. You see, this magical wall protects everything on the Vestavia side from rain, hurricanes, fire, whatever. However, if the power goes out on the Vestavia side, the Irondale side is completely fine!

So, when school let out this afternoon, it was pouring down rain. I mean rivers of water rushing down the street, sheets of water falling from the sky. I couldn't see out of my windshield. And because I left my umbrella and rain jacket in the car (I didn't expect it to rain today) I had to jet it to my car half way across the parking lot. I was completely soaked head to toe by the time I got to my car.

Well, my house is maybe 2 miles or less away from my school. And that magical wall I told you about bisects the distance. Well, it poured until we got to I-459. Then as soon as we passed over it, it was completely dry. The nuns at the convent near my house were outside gardening! There was no trace of rain anywhere. I've been home for an hour, NO RAIN!

WTF, God?

I just want to know if You actually made I-459 a magical shield-wall-thingy because that would be soooooo cool!

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