16 September 2009

You are beautiful

So, I got a stickam account today. And made my webcam work. Yay!

I also realized that I'm a jealous person. I am jealous of every other girl on the planet. Why, you ask? Because every other girl is beautiful. I, however, am not. Sure, on a good day, I'm okay looking. But, I will never have that wow factor that draws people in. Sure, once people get to know me, I'm "wow", but as far as first impressions go, people won't give me a second look to get to know me. I'm the ugly duckling in a huge flock of swans. The worst part about it is that I am fine with it. There are guys that I have liked that after I've really thought about it, I like them better as friends. There are some guys that I wish I was better friends with. There are also some guys that I wish would find me attractive. Then there are some guys that I just want a hug from. I'm beginning to think that Donovan doesn't want to give me hugs anymore. I think the only person who genuinely wants to give me hugs is James. I take that back. Cat wants to give me hugs. And I obviously want to hug her back.

Anyway. I have to get back to my psychology homework.



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