03 September 2009

I want to go on an adventure

Okay, now that I'm done being pissed off...

I wrote a little short story today in creative writing. I've realized that I can only write about relationships...even though I've never had one....weird, right? Well, this one is based on two friends of mine...and kinda based on me too. I'd write it here, but I'm not sure who is reading this.

I'm not sure if anyone is reading this, actually. However, last time I though no one was reading it, 3 people - two of them being my best friends - were reading this and I ended up being a jackass.

Okay. Tomorrow afternoon or Monday, I'm gonna go to the park and play on the playground...or I might go to the river. I'm feeling the need for an adventure...maybe go all the way down the creepy path. I dunno...

I've got way too much on my mind that I probably shouldn't have on my mind...

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