06 October 2009

The IB Seniors are at it again!!!!!

Tonight was as eventful as it gets!!!!
We had our annual Talent Show.
As always, I acted like an idiot.
However, one of my friends juggled and rapped (yeah, white boy!!!)
Two of my friends played "Godzilla" in a band.
And TYLER BALDWIN did a tribute to MAYDAY PARADE because MAYDAY PARADE is awesome.

Of course, the teachers felt the rath of the seniors: all the teachers died except Chambers....he'll never die.....well, D-Mill didn't die either, she just went insane....

Like last year, these 2 girls decided to sing...except THEY CAN'T SING!!!!! and they sang the song that I and 3 of my friends sang sophomore year.....ironic that they are sophomores....BUT!!!! 1. We sang a capella. 2. We had 4 part harmony. 3. WE COULD SING!!!!

I hate it when people try to copy..... I feel sorry for next year's talent show. Unless the freshmen step it up, it will be bad.....OMG! there was this one freshman who played "Clocks" by Coldplay on the piano and I died because he was so adorable!!!!!!



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