24 October 2009

My Secrets Aren't That Dirty...

I don't like keeping secrets. I really don't. And even though I know no one is reading this, if I write my secrets on here, they won't be secrets anymore. So, I am going to write down every single one of my secrets because I don't like keeping secrets.

  1. Since the 5th grade, I have had imaginary boyfriends.
  2. Until now, my imaginary boyfriends felt real. I would talk to them. They would hold me, kiss me, make me feel special.
  3. Now, I can't feel my imaginary boyfriends because it's just set in that they aren't real.
  4. I'm sad that I can't feel my imaginary boyfriends because there is a very very minimal chance that I will have a real boyfriend anytime in my near or distant future.
  5. I like being depressed because then at least I know I can feel something.

Those are the only secrets I can think of right now. If anyone reads this, which I know they don't, they will think I am crazy. Sometimes, I think I'm crazy. Who knows.

Well, that's all for today.



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