12 July 2010

New WIP, of course.


So, why am I up so early? Because I wanted to work out this morning. Guess who didn't! Well, as usual, I got distracted.....by my stash. I've had this Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton & Silk yarn for ages and I was getting frustrated that I didn't have it already on my needle(s). That is, until I turned on my computer, logged onto Ravelry, and found a beautiful Ripple Shawl Pattern. This shawl looked simple enough and the border was gorgeous. I had found my project.

As I began enthusiastically crocheting on this beautiful shawl, I hit 2 snags. 1. I couldn't find the label for the yarn and therefore couldn't catalog it on Ravelry or add it to my projects. That just about irked me as much as the nargles stealing my needles. Problem #2 arose when I realized that the pattern and the pictures were just confusing me. If I go this way, it won't look like the picture! AHHHHHHH! Now, I'm not one to panic....okay, yes I am. If instructions and pictures don't make sense to me, I freak the fuck out! But then, I walk away for a couple of hours. When I return, I'm calm and I can figure it out. Hopefully, that will work this time.

So, I've been listening to the KnitPicks Podcast on iTunes this morning. Inspirational. Also, soothing background noise.

I don't know if this will be the only post for today. So, if you need me, I will be chilling in the Treehouse. Look for the giant pillows. Yes, I have utilized Time Lord technology and made the Treehouse bigger on the inside. It's all good. :)



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