30 July 2010

Vacation in a Box

Over the past month, I have been participating in Knit n Tune's Vacation in a Box Swap. I thought it was a good idea; the women in the group also thought so (check us out on Ravelry). I just received my ViB in the post today. :D Here is what Lisa sent to me:

Okay, you must understand that when I get mixed CDs (which is the only mandatory component of our swaps), I tend to go a little berserk because I LOVE MUSIC! And when people have the same tastes in music as me, or introduce me to new kinds of music, my happy dances get a little out of hand. Good thing my mother wasn't here when I got this. She would have looked at me like she did last swap and then proceeded to ask "What is wrong with you, child?"
Yes, my mother still calls me a child. Which fits because when I found the box of crayons in my ViB, a very large smile spread across my face. The Hawiian Punch and the journal just make that smile bigger. You will also notice a tote bag (I can never have enough totes!), nail polish (what girl doesn't love nail polish!?!), a washcloth with an octopus on it :D, size 1 dpns, Sugar n Cream yarn (I can never get enough), and LOTS of starburst. I am very content with this. Very Very Very content. Oh hell, I LOVE THIS! I LOVE SWAPS! yes, I am addicted.

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