09 July 2010

Lovefest yep yep

Guess who didn't have a date tonight!!!!

Either way, I didn't let it ruin my day.....okay, it ruined my day a little bit. But, I ended up having a wonderful time with two of the most wonderful people, albeit most horny people, I know. Water balloons and fireworks make for a good night. Particularly when it ends with 3 besties sitting in a heap being all loving and sweet. I must admit, though, I do not enjoy being licked on the face. Or my hand. Nor do I like raspberries in the middle of my back. That will get you DRAMATIC SLAPPED so hard you really will have eyes in the back of your head.

I love Alex and Cydney. Even though Alex sometimes goes away and is replaced with Aiden and Aiden scares the shit out of me. But, for now, I will go to sleep.

P.S. I just bought 2 new books and a new notebook from Barnes & Noble. I have a problem. Nowhere to put books.

P.S.S Apparently, burning plastic smells like Off.......burning plastic is toxic.

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