08 July 2010

WIP it. WIP it good!

Hello lovely people!

So, I just joined the Hogwarts Summer Camp! It is awesome. I'm in the Forbidden Forest Treehouse. It's totally bitchin'!

So, as I started again working on Cyd's blanket, I realized that I should never do colorwork late at night. That is only because I cannot tell Blue from Royal. I now have to frog 3 whole rounds of crochet work because the colors don't match and I'm OCD like that. So, admitting temporary defeat because I didn't have the gas or the money to get yarn today, I started working on my 3 other WIPs. Now, the first one, a blanket fashioned from a Harry Potter House Pouch pattern that I liked isn't going so well. To make the pattern work for the blanket, I have to use double-knitting, which I am learning I am not very fond of. Maybe it is because I am an English Knitter and can't properly hold the yarn in my hand. I'm gonna need some help with that. Either I convert to Continental or someone teach me how to hold the yarn differently than I already do. Second WIP is a scarf worked double-stranded. It's really pretty and worked in 2x2 rib, but it's taking so long to progress. The 3rd is a pair of socks with the Insidious pattern. I am in love with that pattern. I swear I will never use another sock pattern again. It was the first pattern I used with cables. I was so proud when I made my first pair. My friends coined them the "Magical Socks." Every time I've done this pattern, I've inadvertently used self striping yarn. :D

But, I guess I should head off to bed now. I have to go to the bank and post office tomorrow.

Guess who has a date tomorrow!!!



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