20 July 2010


Got back from Freshman Orientation today. So tired. mmkay, here's my WINGO information....I used to know a girl named Kaitlyn Wingo...just saying.

I worked as a counselor at a YMCA Summer Camp for 3 years. I worked with the Splash Camp kids, which was a swimming camp. We taught lessons and took them to different water parks across the state.

I have been on a train, but i didn't really go anywhere. Travelled through Chattanooga but beginning and end of the trip was the same train station. And of course, I've been on the Hogwarts Express.

My favorite yarn brand is Caron Simply Soft....or Misti Alpaca.

I speak Spanish and a tiny bit of Chines and Japanese.

I have seen every Harry Potter film in theatres at midnight every time :)

Yes, I am a HSKS n00b.....

I only have 1 brother...sorry

I have 31 items in my queue...but i need to add some others

My patronus is a grey wolf. :)

I have a collection of buttons, a collection of bottles, a collection of beanie babies, a collection of books, of course, and a collection of metal tins.

I specifically live in Irondale, Alabama. I don't think anyone knows where that is.

Brownies, chocolate, and Twizzlers are the BEST THINGS EVER!

I own all of the Harry Potter movies.

I play the guitar, piano, and recorder. :) Don't judge! lol

I was born in February and I brought my dog Nikki to camp with me.

*Anything I didn't list, I do not do or cannot answer

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